Day: November 27, 2013

Frostivus Eve by Lark for the Arcade


Sienia Trevellion, of Lark made something so cool for the Arcade. For her gacha there are two rare ice skating rinks that you can win. One is red and green Christmas base(showing) and the other is pink and blue Winter base.


The other base is free (in case you don’t win a base you can still use your skaters) and there are ten animals that you can win including a rare skunk that is tied up in Holiday lights. They are all very low prim but the coolest part is that you rez the base and then you rez the skaters right near the base and they magically attach and skate their little hearts out.

Best of all you can move the base with the skaters on it and it all stays put. I love this item so much!

Full a full key and a closer look at the bases and skaters check here:






Gemma from Glam Affair for The Arcade!

agemma copy

My favorite event (well besides Collabor88 of course) is starting up in SL again soon. Yep, that’s right time to lose some lindens getting some adorable things at the ARCADE!!!!

I seriously can’t wait.. each time before it starts I am literally counting down the days in excitement. This coming Arcade starts on December 1st and yeah this skin from Glam Affair called Gemma is one of the things that you can try in win.


The skin has a variety of make-ups and comes in the Europa tone. Gemma from Glam Affair has a younger face and comes with a few different layers for freckles, moles and lips so that you can truly make it your own.

Lots of things to be excited for and if you need to see some Arcade item previews check here: