I went to HavenHollow yesterday and looked around a bit and snapped a few pics but – but really it’s better to see it in person. The Holiday Appreciation Association took an entire sim and transformed it into a neat and interactive (family friendly) Trick or Treating place for everyone!

When you first rez you are in a little town and there are houses and you can go up to the doors and knock.. sometimes you will get candy, sometimes you will get a trick and sometimes nothing! But as you make your way back past the park you will see an opening into the woods.. and travel into the woods only if you are brave and make sure you take a flashlight from that nice Police man!

Honestly – I’m 37 years old and I loved it. It reminded me of trick or treating when I was a kid and it brought back happy memories. I would definitely take my SL Kids to this.


More info copied from the flickr page:

Havenhollow is now open!

Welcome to Havenhollow, an interactive neighborhood featuring a door to door trick-or-treating experience.

Trick or be treated. Leave no corner left unturned or unexplored. This town is packed with fun, mystery, and excitement for you and your friends to experience together.

Days of mischief, haunted woods, and surprises await you in this fog-lit town.

Hosted by the HAA Events: Oct. 5 – Nov. 1st

———————————————————————- ———————

Attach the hud for your free trick-or-treat bucket. Region windlight and sounds are recommended for best experience. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Taxi: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purgatory/149/240/110












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