Day: August 20, 2013

Can you keep a secret? (The Writers Block – Chapter Two)


Can you keep a secret?
I’ve always been a secret keeper, you could say that I’m a connoisseur of secrets. I love words, I love the way they collect at the helm of my tongue just waiting for the slip. However, I always take a breath and I hold it in. I hold it in because some secrets are not mine to tell. Some secrets I even defend whether it’s true or not it doesn’t matter I like the story within.


My favorite secrets are the the ones that I keep close to my heart.

I could tell you about the time that I had that unplanned kiss many years ago. I was in her car, it was raining out and we had the best time without even trying. We went to see a movie but neither one of us could get in because we had forgotten our ID so we went to Denny’s.

We both had just broken up with someone and she was straight and I swear it was the rain but an unfinished sentence led to our lips meeting and sending sparks. I could almost see one as the lightning illuminated her car. She looked slightly taken by surprise and gave me a shy smile and I only paused for a moment before I kissed her again.

The rain strummed on the roof prefacing the guitar to Echo and The Bunnymen’s version of “People are Strange..”.
We kissed until we were out of breath and she started to tell me something about how she didn’t mean for that to happen and then I didn’t know what to do so I got out of the car and stood in the rain.

I half hoped that she would get out with me but she started to drive away and I went and stood on my porch, half hoping she would change her mind and come back. I had hoped that something would happen from it but she went away to college after that Summer and so did I.


Every now and then I think about her and I will go out and stand in the rain letting the memory of that night replay and my lips curl up into a smile.

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