Day: August 13, 2013

Paper Couture – Fall 13′




I’ve worked on taking pictures of this dress most of my day today. I just couldn’t get the right shot at first. It was suggested to me to go to the Worlds End Garden, somewhere I’d never actually been before and that is where I got my shots of this lovely necklace, head piece and dress from the Lu sisters of Paper Couture.

You see, I’ve loved Paper Couture ever since I remember them coming out I believe it was 07 – I’ve always thought this was a special take on Second Life fashion, and If I were getting married in SL this is what I’d wear. I took too many photos but I was inspired. I wish I could by all the dresses and jewels and it took me a half hour just to pick out these and I am very pleased.

If you want a taste of something special in SL go check out Paper Couture: