Bellah Travels to Petite Bowtique!

bellah copy

It’s not very often that I’m on my “little” but every so often the mood strikes me and I want to dress her up! I went over to my daughter Ryleigh’s store Petite Bowtique and found most of the outfit below.

bellah2 copy

Petite Bowtique is very well set up and organized and all of these pieces were separates which I thought was pretty cool because I was able to pick up exactly what I wanted to wear and the prices were very reasonable, and certainly better priced than adult clothing. Plus, I had a lot of fun!

There are so many cute little accessories and things that you can get for a child avatar too. I got this necklace from Mommy and Me boutique quite some time ago but it is one of my favorites and this pose from the Heritage Gacha festival from one of my favorite family pose places: .click

For me its a lot of fun and if you are a regular child avatar or just someone that plays dress up like me I’d check out Petite Bowtique and The Heritage Gacha Gardens.


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