Day: July 8, 2013

Dutchie’s Vintage Bathroom


A little while ago Dutchie released this beautiful vintage bathroom set that is mesh and low prim and comes in PG, Adult and BDSM.

I would recommend taking a trip to the Dutchie store in world and getting a closer look at it as the beauty of this set really does speak for itself. The animations are smooth and intimate and there are several options from bathing solo to couples poses.

You could really make your own steamy love story! I took a few photos (with my Malt – lol) but there are many more possibilities and they are really fun to try for yourself. I’m in love with Dutchie’s products, nothing else in SL to me makes “playtime” more dignified or intimate.








Mish Mish for Collabor88


So I opened up a bundle of cute this weekend – these fairies from Mish Mish are ones that attach to your shoulder and follow you around and when you click them say things like:

[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): Hey Sylvia Olivier, that tickles!
[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): flutters her wings
[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): giggles


They are really adorable and mesh so you need to be able to see the mesh and they come with a special decoration item. I was super excited about these and so were some of the kiddos in my life! Anyhow you can get them tomorrow when Collabor88 opens up for July!