This is not your typical post!


See the two of them? Just look at how cute they are! Today I’m gonna pack them up in my little car and take them to Summer Camp at camp Hard Knocks! I think that it’s just over a week long and I’m gonna miss my daughter Ryleigh and her adorable girlfriend Ellie (My bebe-in-law).

*Sighs* Even though I will miss them, a week and a half or so of sun, swimming, and camp fun will do them good! Plus I might have a few house parties of my very own while they are gone and my other daughter Syleee is at boarding school.. who’s in?


I walked up the stairs and into Ry’s room to check on the packing progress and found.. while them trying to stuff a bunch of toys into this suitcase. I’m all “Listen – Ry and Ellie you cannot pack your entire room in on suitcase – you gotta take a few things out!” But the little diva’s would not listen to me!


So I told them lets turn this around and the two of you try standing on it and I will try pushing too! But the suitcase wouldn’t budge and they did eventual take one or two toys out so that it would close, and we had a few more things to pack but over all Ry and Ellie were almost ready to go!

We then stopped at the door and decided to strike a pose for the camera cause we are fabulous like that! It was really a lot of fun doing these photos – the poses are modified poses from Heirloom poses and I’m not really gonna do typical credits and stuff but if you want to know where something is from – we can tell you!

I want to thank my daughter Ryleigh and her girlfriend Ellie for posing in the photos and making memories with me, that is what life is all about you know? The memories that you make and yeah! *grabs a tissue* I’m going to miss them both so much while they are away at camp!


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