Day: June 27, 2013

Appreciation – Kendal Sapphire


I’m on trial right now with the most amazing little girl named Ryleigh and she replurked a plurk that caught my eye. It was a challenge started by Edith Ogleby that can be found here:

There is a lot of people right now that I appreciate and as I’ve let go of some of the past demons that have haunted me I can see the light of new friendships and connections. One of my new friends that has come to me, well I appreciate her more than she might know.

Kendal is one of those rare and unexpected people that goodness just seems to radiate from. She is an amazing mother to her daughter Evie who is my god daughter and she will be/is an amazing god mother to Ryleigh. When I think about the connection that her and Evie have it just makes me smile. Also every time I see her in world her sense of style is just so pretty. We have plans this summer of dinners, and hanging out and I am feeling really optimistic about everything.

Anyhow, Kendal I think that you are really lovely and for more reasons than I can say I appreciate our friendship. Thank you for being you!