Month: June 2013

The Lake House by Pixel Mode for the Home Show


I really love this Lake House set from Tya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode has made a sweet little romantic spot for the lovers out there for The Home Show of SL which is opening tomorrow.

I love all of the little important details of her items and the bed and shower are fun to try as they have hot and realistic animations as well as cute posing sits too. The Lake house comes with a shower and bed and a little bit of extra space for you to fill with your own items too. This is one of my favorite items for the event so I hope that you give it a look tomorrow at the grand opening.





The Home show is tomorrow!


Do you have your calenders marked and your lindens uploaded for the The Home Show tomorrow? Yes? Good!

My two lovely daughters and I, little Miss Ryleigh and Syleee posed with me on this swing that will be available tomorrow for The Home Show from Floorplan. It comes in three colors and it has cute poses in it but for family posing purposes we used this adorable one from .click! called daughers.

The Home Show opens tomorrow and if you want more information about the people participating looking here:

Eva launches at Gos Boutique today at 12 SLT PM


Today, at about 12SLT PM Gospel Voom will release this new and beautiful shoe called “Eva”.

If you are not already a part of the Boutique group you may wish to join to stay tuned. I am wearing the shoe in black satin but these shoes also come in other colors such as champagne, red satin, black leather, gold, silver, white satin and red leather. To date, I think these are my favorite and definitely have allure and that certain sex appeal where your own skin is really the only accessory that you will need to make an impression.

The couch that I am using in this photo is from Mudhoney and will be at the Home Show on July 1st, stay tuned for that SLURL for that as it promises to be an amazing event.

The Home Show is coming!


The Home Show opens on July 1st and I was able to get a preview of it and there is so much exciting new home and garden stuff, it’s going to be amazing!


There are many brands that are participating and some of the brands in my photos here are Culprit (trunks-chairs-dresser), Trompe Loeil (chair I’m sitting on), Bazar (books, lamp and art), Beach Street (home sign), Organica (plants), and this cottage is by sanctuaire. For a good list with slurls of all of the participants check here:


I’m wearing the really cute dress from Miel that is a fat pack for only 50L today for FLF. Also, Magika is having a sale and everythign is half off! My flip flops are from Gos Boutique.

Appreciation – Kendal Sapphire


I’m on trial right now with the most amazing little girl named Ryleigh and she replurked a plurk that caught my eye. It was a challenge started by Edith Ogleby that can be found here:

There is a lot of people right now that I appreciate and as I’ve let go of some of the past demons that have haunted me I can see the light of new friendships and connections. One of my new friends that has come to me, well I appreciate her more than she might know.

Kendal is one of those rare and unexpected people that goodness just seems to radiate from. She is an amazing mother to her daughter Evie who is my god daughter and she will be/is an amazing god mother to Ryleigh. When I think about the connection that her and Evie have it just makes me smile. Also every time I see her in world her sense of style is just so pretty. We have plans this summer of dinners, and hanging out and I am feeling really optimistic about everything.

Anyhow, Kendal I think that you are really lovely and for more reasons than I can say I appreciate our friendship. Thank you for being you!

Strawberry Singh’s – What’s your digits? (Meme)


For the last few years, I’ve enjoyed taking part of Strawberry Singh’s Meme – What’s your Digits.. and so when I saw it come around again I had to take part! You can find the instructions on her blog post here that has all the information:

Now before I start, Let me just say that I don’t know much about proportion and stuff like that, I just kinda modded my shape to the Standard Sizing shape (Medium) because I wear a lot of mesh and it makes the clothing fit my avatar better and then moved around the other parts to my personal preference. I don’t know how well I did as far as that goes but I’m pretty happy with my shape.

Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? – Well to make it easier on myself I go by Standard Sizing Medium because it just helps me fit clothing better and I like the look of it on my shape.

What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? – I don’t have any complaints but I wish that there was a size between each sizes sometimes of Standard Sizing but I realize how much extra work that would be for designers. The only other thing is that some designers make unwearable to me clothing because the SSM is much smaller than other peoples sizes sometimes.

Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? – Not really, but I don’t like the super wide hips and pouty mouth trend – but you know.. if it makes you happy do it! I don’t live your SL life, hehe.

Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? Pfft, like I said if it makes you happy, do it! Your world – your imagination, right?

I am wearing a really cute “Angel” Headband from Lark which you need to check out at the Retreat here: Sienia Trevellion has a shop in world and (the dress form on the right is also made by her) and she makes a lot of eclectic and cool treasures, you should do yourself a favor and check out her shop here:

Most of the other things in the post are from the Arcade, which sadly will be closing soon for this round. My hair is from Truth and my pose is from Olive Juice at Summerfest 13′.

La Galleria – Patio Furniture


Pamela Galli of La Galleria released this very cute patio furniture recently and with a click you can check out the price and specifications on the marketplace, here This set has a variety of rezzable foods for either two or four people plus decoration and it’s all only 16 prims.

If you are admiring my little secret garden gate; that is a new release from Snowy Melody of *.emm shop. It’s so adorable and its very inexpensive and low in prims, check it out here It even comes with extra prims if you need it bigger *wink wink*.

Things That I enjoyed over the weekend – The Cosmetics Fair


Ah, Cosmetics Fair and new Truth hair how you made me happy!

Glam Affair really out did themselves for this event. Those lips! That eyeliner for Cleo made me an incredibly happy girl! There is a ton of great make up here but that was my favorite. This event runs until the 30th.. and if you need to spruce up your skin this is the perfect place!

Truth also released this Colbie hair this weekend and yes a photo was born. I got the inspiration to do this photo and try to follow some of the tutorials from Strawberry Singh, here: I will probably watch the video a few times, but isn’t she amazing?

My eyes are the Ascension eyes from Ikon that I picked up at Numberology which just ended but I’m sure Ikon will have this in his store quickly! This newer jewelry set from Mandala rocks my socks too! Have an amazing Monday!

Things that I enjoyed over the weekend – The Liaison Collaborative


Aren’t they cute? Posing in front of this What Next Ice cream cart is my God Daughter Evie and her brother Alex. I saw them in their outfits and immediately thought of this ice cream cart and I had to snap a pic. They are the cutest!

The Liaison Collaborative -Sandbridge, opened this last weekend and I found it to be one of my favorite rounds yet. I loved and bought many of the garden items (I have my eye on that pool from the loft but I don’t know where to put it) but seriously.. designers? You did a great job this round and I appreciate you! You have until July 10th to check this out, here is your taxi ride:

Things That I enjoyed over the weekend – Summerfest


This was a very good weekend in SL for shopping and events and so I’m gonna break it up into three posts highlighting my favorite parts.

This Otter avatar is made by the super talented Anya Ohmai and you can get it (among a ton of other amazing things) at Summer Fest. Summerfest ’13 bagan on June 15th and will end on June 29th. This event is great because so many of my favorite designers are participating. For more info on who is participating check out this post here:

Summerfest ’13 was crazy packed this weekend, with reason, so here is your Slurl: