Day: May 28, 2013

La Galleria @ SL Home and Garden Expo 2013


La Galleria is now on Sim 3 of the Second Life Home and Garden Expo, and I had the pleasure of setting up this lovely build on the sim where I live to take a few photos of it. The San Marino house comes in a large pack that has a few different prim versions of the house ranging from around (300-400) prims depending on the version that you pick. The build is mesh but there is a lot of pretty extras to it and even comes with a huge box for your landscaping, and Pamela Galli includes everything you could need to make this house your own practically.


The house has three bedrooms, a dining area, nook and kitchen as well as a living area and the only thing I missed about this build is it did not have a bathroom but you could easily make the house into a two bedroom home and use one of the bedrooms as a bathroom if you wished. That is more or less a personal preference though, the build is beautiful and opulent and you should go and check it out on Sim 3 of the SL Home and Garden Expo. Her charity items are these really nifty wicker sets.. the table of four even rezzes food! You can check it out here:




Scarlet Creative @ The SL Home and Garden Expo

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I’ve been a long time fan of the homes that can be found from Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative, in fact one of the first house that I bought in Second Life almost five years ago was from Scarlet Creative. I’ve always loved the fresh modern look and creativity that goes into them.

My favorite part of this one, the For Edi Home which can be found right now at the Second Life Home and Garden Expo is the windows, the floor textures, the dreamy indoor pool and the creativity of the house itself.. it looks like an old church that has been renovated and it is gorgeous to see in world. I didn’t double check the prims but when I was looking for more info about Scarlet Creative I found this post: on Scarlet Creative’s blog and I really like that she made it for a friend of hers, I think it’s really sweet. Anyhow you should go see this house in world whenever you can at the second sim of the home expo:

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