Poetic Pose


Spencer Christenson, has a new little pose shop on the marketplace called Poetic Pose and I’ve been trying to help with it to make some of the ads and do photos.

Ravagedbeauty1 copy

So far there are two couples poses and a single pose but hopefully this will grow into something more, but I’d love if you could check it out from time to time! ❤



  1. The pose you’re demoing there is awesome – very erotic! I went to the marketplace to purchase it, but… the description says it “does not come with animated faces or closed eyelids”. Meaning if my honey and I hop on the poseballs I’ll be staring at the ceiling bored? That doesn’t work… Am I missing something?

    1. It’s a pose for photography and I wore the Mesh eyelids from Slink and a face animator to take the photo. It’s a non moving pose.for photography purposes. However, if you are looking for poses that are in furniture and have face animations and movement then I’d check out the store Dutchie which has a wonder assortment of intimate furniture 😀

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