Shades of Cassiopea

After months of teasing on plurk, earlier this week Glam Affair released a brilliant new skin called Cassiopea with features a reworked body and a brand new face. I have to say, I am in love with the new body and of course the new shades. It really was worth the wait and I look forward to seeing more faces with this body.

The shades are as follows from lightest to dark – Artica, Europa, America, Jamaica, India and Africa are vibrant shades laden with details and a beautiful set of 12 different makeups, brow options, freckles, three different eyebrow shapes and several different lip gloss options.

I’d have to say my personal favorite features of this skin would have to be the dimpled buttocks, and the random moles and freckles and new more realistic softer bodies and the non-greyish, more vibrant skin tones.

The only thing that I wish were a bit different about this skin would be the makeup as it is a bit heavy to me and I prefer more natural tones. For example: the blush is a bit much for me and I wish I had the option of being able to remove it in a layer option.

Other than that one small thing though this is a beautiful skin and a wonderful body and shade improvement for anyone that is a lover of Glam Affair Skins. To find Glam Affair in world go here:

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