Hair Fair 2012 – Opens today!

I’m sure that you realize today begins a two week frenzy into the world of Second Life hair. I know people must save their lindens for months for this event. It’s win – win. You get fabulous new hair and the charity Wigs for Kids gets a percentage of the sales. The hair that I’m featuring in this post is from one of my personal favorite hair makers, Elikatira.

You can check the offical Hair Fair blog for a list of participants and Slurls here: The event is four sims big so if you can’t get into one.. try another there is wonderful hair to be found on all sims. Now this is The 7th annual Hair Fair and it runs from July 14th – 29th.

So enjoy it, if you can’t get on now keep trying and remember to buy lots of hair, you have my permission as it is for a wonderful cause.

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