Month: July 2012

Shades of Cassiopea

After months of teasing on plurk, earlier this week Glam Affair released a brilliant new skin called Cassiopea with features a reworked body and a brand new face. I have to say, I am in love with the new body and of course the new shades. It really was worth the wait and I look forward to seeing more faces with this body.

The shades are as follows from lightest to dark – Artica, Europa, America, Jamaica, India and Africa are vibrant shades laden with details and a beautiful set of 12 different makeups, brow options, freckles, three different eyebrow shapes and several different lip gloss options.

I’d have to say my personal favorite features of this skin would have to be the dimpled buttocks, and the random moles and freckles and new more realistic softer bodies and the non-greyish, more vibrant skin tones.

The only thing that I wish were a bit different about this skin would be the makeup as it is a bit heavy to me and I prefer more natural tones. For example: the blush is a bit much for me and I wish I had the option of being able to remove it in a layer option.

Other than that one small thing though this is a beautiful skin and a wonderful body and shade improvement for anyone that is a lover of Glam Affair Skins. To find Glam Affair in world go here:

Pink Dots

The Secret Store recently released this adorable mesh dress in an array of adorable colors and prints. I love the collar, buttons and the shape of the dress. I paired it up with some cute tights from MStyle and shoes from Lelutka. The ring is from LaGyo. My poses in this post are from Glitterati @ Zodiac.

Zodiac begins!

Zodiac brought to you by The Hottie Cooterati Experience is now opened! There are many great content creators participating this month and even if you are not a Leo you are bound to find something that you just have to have. Leo runs from July 23rd until August 17th.

I am wearing this really cute outfit from Solange! Fashions that is only available right now at the Zodiac event and my poses are from Adorkable, also only available at the Zodiac event in Playful Leo that come in a set of five with mirrors included.

I am also wearing skin from Belleza in Lily V1. and hair that is at Collabor88 right now for July from D!va.

The content creators participating this month are as follows:

July Line-Up:
22769 ~ casual couture,
Adorkable Poses,
Solange! Fashions,
Studio Sidhe,

Lets go to the beach!

I am loving Collabor88 bleached this month. This bikini is super cute and comes from Boom. I guess my pale skin could use a little sun. But if you don’t want to show this much skin there is always this dress/beach cover up from Nylon Outfitters at Collabor88 also and for cool beachy eye wear there are these glasses also at Collabor88 from Yummy.

I love the mesh from Nylon Outfitters. It fit really nicely and it can be worn in a lot of different ways. It also comes in many different color variations. My hair is from Analog Dog at Hair Fair and these poses are from Bent! at the One Voice event. The feet and flippies are from SLink.

Happy weekend to you ❤

Little Birds

This is my 500th Post!!

There is nothing more that I love than opening a book, spreading out the pages under my fingers while cradling it close and letting my imagination run wild. So when me Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie sent me this little book with Anais Nin on the cover who is one of my favorite writers of erotica I knew.. that I had to look up some of my favorite stories from Little Birds by Anais Nin and snap a few photos.

When I was younger and untouched I had found the stories of Anais Nin through a friend of mine and well lets just say it helped in my sexual awakening. If you have not seen the movie “Henry and June” or have not read any of Anais Nin’s books I would suggest you go out and do so right away. Anais Nin’s writing is lush and sensual.. and well inspiring..

“My hands travel upwards to her heavy breasts, caress them. She begins to moan a little. Now her hands travel downwards and join mine in caressing her own sex. She likes to be touched at the mouth of her sex, below the clitoris. She touches the place with me….”

From the Story “Mandra” as found in Anais Nin’s Little Birds found in it’s entire text here:

Erotic Reader: Dutchie
Lingerie: Redgrave
Feet: Slink
Hair: Elikatira

Summery LOTD

It’s been awhile since I’ve just done a look of the day kinda post, so here goes..

This hair that is new from Truth Hawks of Truth is so cute an fun, I love the color change bands and I think it compliments this Roza skin from Glam Affair with the blue eyebrows that is new at the Gallery gift shop. I found the earrings at Mandala, one of my three favorite places for Second Life accessories and these mesh finger nails for dirt cheap at Leverocci. My skirt is from Tram and the frilly little top is from Ronsem. My pose is from Adorkable

I also did a close up of the skin/hair/brow an sorta played around with it.

I am no mermaid…

“We went down to the edge of the water
You were afraid to go in
You said there might be sharks out there in the ocean
And I said i’m only going for a swim

I was swimming around in a circle
I wasn’t always in view
You said we might get into red flag danger
And I am alone when i’m not with you

But I am no mermaid
I am no mermaid
And I am no fisherman’s slave
I am no mermaid
I am no mermaid
I keep my head above the waves”

We were swinging from the centre of the ceiling
You were afraid to give in
I said I know i’ll always live for this feeling
And you closed your eyes you said never again

We were dancing in the middle of the desert
You said we’ll burn under the hot sun
I said i’d rather be the colour of pleasure
Than watch like you from under the thumb

But I am no mermaid
I am no mermaid
And I am no fisherman’s slave
I am no mermaid
I am no mermaid
I keep my head above the waves

Song: I am no Mermaid by Sinead Lohan

Hair: Exile @ Hair fair
Skin: Glam Affair
Poses: Purple Poses @ One Voice

Hair Fair 2012 – Opens today!

I’m sure that you realize today begins a two week frenzy into the world of Second Life hair. I know people must save their lindens for months for this event. It’s win – win. You get fabulous new hair and the charity Wigs for Kids gets a percentage of the sales. The hair that I’m featuring in this post is from one of my personal favorite hair makers, Elikatira.

You can check the offical Hair Fair blog for a list of participants and Slurls here: The event is four sims big so if you can’t get into one.. try another there is wonderful hair to be found on all sims. Now this is The 7th annual Hair Fair and it runs from July 14th – 29th.

So enjoy it, if you can’t get on now keep trying and remember to buy lots of hair, you have my permission as it is for a wonderful cause.

Bleached @ Collabor88

This round of collabor88 makes me think of water, the ocean and of course the beach, all of which I love. Kyoot has this adorable dress that is part mesh and comes in nice beachy and feminine colors. Earthstones made shell and pearl earrings and Glam Affair made this lovely Roza skin.

Collabor88 is a virtual smorgasbord of wonder this month… there are SO many wonderful things.

I am also wearing new mesh hair from Dela. Shoes from N-Core and these poses are from Glitterati that come with the newest version of the Tillie Photo Hud and you will save yourself 200L if you get it at One Voice.

Dressed in One Voice

My post’s are a bit behind this week as I was in the hospital for a few days but if there is one event that needs to be checked out this week and it’s the only one that you can go to.. may I suggest One Voice. It amazes me that the community pulls together in such a beautiful way.

I was moved walking around this event that benefits Miss Gala Phoenix of Curio Skins to help pay for some of the substantial legal fees she is facing in defense of her work her in SL. The organizers who put this together also deserve a huge pat on the back for making this work so seamlessly in such a short time.

“This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it’s necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn’t.”

So if you think this doesn’t effect you chances are you are mistaken. Without innovative content creators in SL we would all be walking around looking like Ruth, I’d imagine anyhow. For more info see my post here:

Oh? You wanna see the goods? Well everything I’m wearing is from One Voice. The hair from Exile. The dress from Geometry. The skin from Lara Hurley. The poses from the Tillie pose stand that is on sale for 400 lindens and it comes with poses from Diesel Works and Glitterati already loaded in it. The eyes are mesh eyes from Mayfly. My shoes are from NCore. All of this you can get here:

There is a little bit of everything here for all tastes and budget and completely easy to throw a little support someones way that really deserves it.