Day: March 16, 2012

Mayfair opens to bring us new goodies!

Last night at around 6:30 SLT there was a grand rush to be the first to set foot on the newly opened Mayfair Sim – A joint effort of Celoe and Montissu who both have brand new main stores there. I would have tried to take photos but the lag right and my computer do not mesh well.

Speaking of Mesh.. you need to have a mesh viewer I believe to see the sim as well as everything that I am wearing in world. I was very drawn to the greens at Celoe and picked up an assortment as you can see of different things that they have for sale. When you are shopping at Celoe make sure that you wear your group tag so you can earn store credit! Everything that I am wearing besides my hair and skin you can find new at Celoe.

My hair is from Wasabi Pills and I don’t remember my poses. I hope you have a great weekend and that you kiss someone that is Irish, happy St. Patricks Day Weekend!