Day: February 28, 2012

The Dutchie Beidermeier Living Room set

Once again, Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie Furniture in Second Life has brought to us intimacy furniture that looks classy and dignified as well as being Mesh and lower on prims.

This furniture features many cool extras such as being color change, having some of SL’s most beautiful and sexy couples animations and this set also features sequences for a bit of hand free play for those moments when you need your hands for other things..

I must say while using this set.. just posing on it things got rather intense for Spencer Christenson and I on Skype. I can personally vouch that there is a certain kind of magic in this furniture making intimacy in sl fun and dignified.

The Facts:
The set is sold as pg and adult and can be sold separately or together. The whole set consists of 5 parts: sofa, 2 chairs, table and cupboard. Together, the prim equivelent is only 31 prims. The rest of the information about the set can be found on Dutchies blog. The best way to get a “feel for this” though is to try it out in world in the privacy of your own home.

See and buy the set in world: