“EPOCH” creators and designers, it’s a great opportunity for showcasing
what they do in SL. They create something for the event, put their
unique point of views into items, and collaborate with other designers to
inspire each other. Also EPOCH will be a perfect chance for shoppers
and art fans to check talented designers and their latest works all at once.

On the 26th February, very first EPOCH event called “EPOCH-Legend”
will be open. We’ve got more than 50 shops, 3 themes and 4 venues
to present you the best 2 weeks fair full of fun.


A very interesting event. I was drawn to this outfit found in the clowning section. The top, skirt and neck ruffle are from and the funny groucho mask is from Anya Ohmai. The event is awesome, it rezzed quickly and the designs are so creative, make sure you go check it out. My poses are from the Del May Mainstore.

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