Happy Birthday, Grazia..

As a noob or someone that did not care about Second Life fashion, or for that matter even really know what it meant to me… and I can’t remember exactly when I found Grazia Horwitz’s on the feeds.. all I knew is that I paid attention.

Her name, her style and just the way that her images sprang off the page for me quickly earned her a place in my mind as someone to take notice of and look up to. She gave me the desire to make my own avatar want to look better and for Second Life to become so much more meaningful than just another place on the internet. You see she made me wish to better want to cultivate a style, to want to take photos and to blog. I think most of all she inspired me and I didn’t even know her.

As I started blogging and finding myself in SL.. I still followed her blog. I even friended her on Plurk.. and began to get to know her a little here and there. I am so glad that I did because honestly, she is one of the very best people that I’ve ever gotten to know in SL. There have been many times when her comfort and warm words mean more to me than I can really express in this post without getting even more choked up than I already am!

Grazia, I just hope you know how much you mean to me. There is no one better suited for my out of hand and sometimes inappropriate with a heart of gold, Brother. You are also a awesome aunt, a sister, a daughter, a sister in law and a friend.

Your friendship is a gift to me, your humor, your compassion, and your style is incomparable and your heart is one of the best hearts that I’ve ever come across in any world. So if ever there is even the smallest bit of doubt on the impact that you make… just know that when I did not even know you.. you were there for me and please know that you mean the world to me.

Thank you,
Love always..

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