Month: December 2011

Bravo & The Four Corners Event

The Four Corners event is still going on till the 31st. I’ve poked around in it and have found a few favorites. Featured above is from the “Delightfully Bright” section is the Bravo Collection from MOOD. The set features Diamond encrusted wrist cuffs, two different sets of earrings.. the Diamond ones are the ones shown but there is also a feather set and then there is this darling accent to wear on your shoulder… Diamonds and brightly colored feathers.. what more do you need? You can see the Four Corners event and pick the Bravo Collection from MOOD up here.

For your info.. MOOD Gift cards are also half off until the 1st of January.. Would be great for your last minute Christmas Shopping needs..

Also to be of note.. I have been absolutely MAD for mesh lately. I just love the texturing and the fit to it. Above I’m wearing a Mesh Dress and Boots from Celoe… which fit like an absolute dream with the standard sizing options. Both of my poses in this post are credited to !Bang.

My Spence

Just a quick post to introduce you to my brand now Second Life Partner, Mister Spencer Christenson. Yesterday he asked me to be his wifey and I said yes. We are very happy and currently cuddled up in our winter home. Anyhow, My Spence is adorable and he makes a great daddy for our Evie.

I know I’ve been a bit behind on blogging but all of that is about to change soon. Where ever you are I hope you are having a happy holiday!

Happy Birthday, Grazia..

As a noob or someone that did not care about Second Life fashion, or for that matter even really know what it meant to me… and I can’t remember exactly when I found Grazia Horwitz’s on the feeds.. all I knew is that I paid attention.

Her name, her style and just the way that her images sprang off the page for me quickly earned her a place in my mind as someone to take notice of and look up to. She gave me the desire to make my own avatar want to look better and for Second Life to become so much more meaningful than just another place on the internet. You see she made me wish to better want to cultivate a style, to want to take photos and to blog. I think most of all she inspired me and I didn’t even know her.

As I started blogging and finding myself in SL.. I still followed her blog. I even friended her on Plurk.. and began to get to know her a little here and there. I am so glad that I did because honestly, she is one of the very best people that I’ve ever gotten to know in SL. There have been many times when her comfort and warm words mean more to me than I can really express in this post without getting even more choked up than I already am!

Grazia, I just hope you know how much you mean to me. There is no one better suited for my out of hand and sometimes inappropriate with a heart of gold, Brother. You are also a awesome aunt, a sister, a daughter, a sister in law and a friend.

Your friendship is a gift to me, your humor, your compassion, and your style is incomparable and your heart is one of the best hearts that I’ve ever come across in any world. So if ever there is even the smallest bit of doubt on the impact that you make… just know that when I did not even know you.. you were there for me and please know that you mean the world to me.

Thank you,
Love always..

Mom Jeans, yo..

So, as I’m sure you’ve heard FLF is doomed to be no more. Some people are happy about this and some people are not. I’m inbetween. I guess I can see the need for change and what not but as sad as it is.. sometimes FLF was the best part of my day. I guess it’s the bargain shopper in me but whatever.. this too shall pass.. like I never thought All My Children would be taken off the air after so long.. but boy I was wrong.. So it goes..

So Speaking of Fifty Linden Friday’s last hurrahs I scored a nifty new sweater for fifty linden from Artilerri and paired it with these hot “Milf” jeans, while not 50L but Artilerri is always reasonable priced. I also tried a new skin today which I like by (love) along with some of the layers that you can purchase the skin is very well done and reasonably inexpesnive but high quality none the less.

My poses today are from /Geez/ by the beautiful, elegant and celebrating a birthday on Dec 17th Miss Grazia Horwitz. The flats are from Mon Tissu and the hair is from Elikatira. Happy Friday.

Linn Glams up Second Life

Greetings, people. Yesterday I got to try on a new skin that will be out soon from Glam Affair called “Linn”. The makeup’s that come with Linn are beautiful, bold and dramatic. A very “glamorous affair” indeed. I love the lips on this one a lot. They are shiny and sexy and as always this is another well done skin by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair. It’s definitely worth checking out when it is released soon.

I’m also wearing the new Tres Blah dressing and stockings from the Collabor88 Collection and the newest Faux Fox Stole from Ohmai, which is also available at Collabor88. If you have not been to collabor88 yet there are too many things to list that are amazing and that will catch your eye. My earrings in this post are from Yummy, which yes is also at Collabor88 and currently my favorite earrings.

My hair is from Boon, and the poses in this post are from !Bang. Happy Friday.

The 8th means its time to Collabor88!

Heeeeeeey! It’s December the 8th.. and that means that Collabor88 has a new collection.. but guess what this time it’s bigger than ever. The normally participating designers have all invited fabulous prom dates, so that means double the Collabor88 items for you this month. Happy Holidays!

I’ve made an avatar out of the collabor88 items. The poncho, pants and gloves are from Fashionably Dead. To be honest the pants are a bit tricky. The boots come with the pant leg attached which is rather awkward, however with some work you can detach the boots if you would like to. I had to size my hips bigger to fit the no mod belt and the pants only come in an underwear layer. All in all I like the outfit but it would make more sense to me if the pants and boots came separate for more ways to wear them. I love the gloves and the poncho is really nice though. All in all I really like the outfit. Each piece is only 88L. I am wearing a free tank top in milk underneath from Jane.

The hair is the La La La hair from Clawtooth. It is a really nice hair.. I’ve enjoyed so fall all of the Clawtooth hairs from Collabor88. The skin is from Illusory, this skin looks very pretty to me in the darkest Cocoa tone which is why I’m featuring it today. I love the lips especially. The ring which is one of my favorite items this time is from Yummy. It’s gorgeous. Yummy does such a nice job on jewelry.. I’m always excited to see what they come out with. The poses in this post are from PDA, also part of Collabor88.

With Love 2 Preview

“The With Love Hunt 2 will be the fifth CHIC Management hunt with 100 participating brands & will begin on December 9th & run till January 6th. Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a Value at or around 400L. The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year.”

Above I’m featuring some of the items from the With Love hunt 2. I’m wearing the dress from Ricieli, the purse and boots from Purple Moon and I’m posing with the Street Lamp Prop from Lost Angel Industries. It’s such a nice hunt and gesture for so many participating stores to offer a quality gift at such a low price of 10L.

I am also wearing the newest hair from Boon and the Ebba skin from Laqroki, awesome.. but not part of the hunt.

Happy Holidays

My sl life has been filled with joy these last several months. I’ve met some amazing people that I now call my friends and family in Second life and those feelings extend to my Real Life too and while I’ve been a bit busy lately, don’t worry I have not forgot about this blog! This is one of the happiest times in my SL world and family, you know who you are and I love you. Thank you all for being there for me and your constant never-ending support.

In the above photo is my daughter that I adopted at Make a Wish adoption agency, Miss Eve Daines.. my Evie. The pose we are using is from Lovely Smiles, a very nice family pose store in world.

I’ve also picked up some cute props and holiday things from What Next. The egg nog set as well as the rug and pillows with tons of poses are sale items this weekend and the winter bike prop is very cute and has three poses. I got them to add a bit of color to my home. I am wearing the brand new hair from Elikatira. Boots from Haberdashery. Jeans from Connors. Sweater from Kyoot and Necklace from Yummy.