Haberdashery and HOD

Okay, what do Haberdashery and HOD have in common? Absolutely nothing except for the fact that as I was putting together this outfit I was trying to maybe sort of pull of the look of a gothic yet very intellectual woman that works at your local alternative book store.

Well I don’t know but seriously Aydan Darcy of HOD or Haus of Darcy makes some seriously well done piercings and this is a brand new set call parasitic, her piercings are always ridiculously low priced and it comes with this black eye make up from Nuuna.. so how cool is that? She also made one of my favorite necklaces in Second Life called “Nothings Necklace” which I am wearing in the photo.

Also, I want to point out that Haberdashery is a brand new store with tons of promise. I have not taken off the Charlotte boots for several days and the the clothing is very well textured. For a new store they sure have made a great running start.

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