Month: November 2011

Aviator Boots

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets today.. about new things that you must stop what you are doing and go out and get in SL.

First up are these brand new boots from Gospel Voom of Gos whose new releases never fail to put a smile on my face. The fat pack of the Amelia boots are the best lindens you will spend this season and beyond on SL Foot Wear, you can also single purchase the boots but the fatpack is the far better deal for all that you get.

The menu works like a dream.. want to change the color of your boots? Just click and hit your color choice (black, chocolate *worn*, camel, worn and tan) and the color is instantly changed. The socks with the boots you can either wear or hide by touching the menu and of course change the color and there are several color choices. I’m wearing the mint. The boot also features two different types of fit.. tight and loose. Anyhow these boots are amazing!

Also, while we are on the subject of new stuff… the Perfect Wardrobe has released a brand new collection this week of up and coming designers offering you quality stuff for discount prices. The some of the most impressive items this week included the Cardigan by Wynter with its awesome texturing and style and the winter survivor outfit by Sakide (both worn above). The Perfect Wardrobe in second life is pretty awesome and is worth checking out. It’s really of the nicer weekly sales events.

Haberdashery and HOD

Okay, what do Haberdashery and HOD have in common? Absolutely nothing except for the fact that as I was putting together this outfit I was trying to maybe sort of pull of the look of a gothic yet very intellectual woman that works at your local alternative book store.

Well I don’t know but seriously Aydan Darcy of HOD or Haus of Darcy makes some seriously well done piercings and this is a brand new set call parasitic, her piercings are always ridiculously low priced and it comes with this black eye make up from Nuuna.. so how cool is that? She also made one of my favorite necklaces in Second Life called “Nothings Necklace” which I am wearing in the photo.

Also, I want to point out that Haberdashery is a brand new store with tons of promise. I have not taken off the Charlotte boots for several days and the the clothing is very well textured. For a new store they sure have made a great running start.

Mood’s Conchita and Mesh, baby.

Over the weekend for Project Themory as I slacked on blogging very much this weekend, Ms. Jori Watler of MOOD released these beautiful Conchita earrings that I have not taken off basically all weekend. The Conchita earrings are a gorgeous edition to her already exquisite jewelry line which amazingly enough is still on SALE so get your butts over to her store and pick up some great deals before it ends!

Also this weekend Me, and probably everyone else in SL existence probably shopped at the new temporary store location for Mon Tissu and the new store from Lelutka Creators Celoe. Above I’m wearing the new Mesh Slacks and Gloves from Celoe. I am also wearing the new non mesh fur trimmed jacket from Mon Tissu while sitting there at Lisp on the newest set that was from this past weekends Spruce up your Space going on at Lisp Baazar.. which I adored completely and picked up for my guest room at my SL Home.

My skin in this post is the newest skin from Laqroki called Ebba.. almost makes me want to be a full time blonde.. almost!

Vintage Fair Dresses

The Vintage Fair has brought forth some beautiful dresses and this dress above is one from Purple Moon. I love, love love the black lace skirt over the pink. It’s deliciously feminine and and sultry at the same time. I am also wearing a newer release of hair from Truth which I feel compliments this dress.

Also, for a totally different but still hot vintage look there is this more sleek and fitted but still a bit poofy on the top dress from Shiki. I think that this dress is totally adorable and sexy at the same time. For both of these photo’s I’ve used poses found from OooStudios store at the Vintage fair.

So What’s Next?

An adorable set of furniture from the Vintage Fair, that’s what! What Next has made an adorable set for the Vintage Fair or retro chairs, table, lamp and photo.. and a TV Camera of sorts seen below.

I am also wearing the new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills that comes with a color changing scarf. Remember though the hair IS mesh and you have to have the right viewer to get it to work. I am also wearing a Kimono from Tres Blah from Collabor88, the Claven Blouse from Whippet and Buck in rose.. and the black mesh skirt from Mon Tissu that is absolutely flawless. My necklace is from Kari.. it’s the Hoot necklace with the color changing eyes and I’m wearing brand new mesh boots from Insolence which are well textured and gorgeous. My eyes are the new Liquid eyes from Ibanez, and my poses are from Del May.

Happy Thursday!

More from Collabor88!

So, almost everything in the post that I am wearing I found at Collabor88. The beautiful vintage slip dress from Nylon Outfitters, the pearl necklace from Yummy which is even prettier on.. the Elikatira hair in “Soft” and the furniture set in this post from Lisp.. and this standing pose from Marukin. Most of these items are only 88L each.. so really it’s a steal!

I don’t know what else to say except for I love Collabor88, and I think that each month the designers involved go above and beyond and really amaze me with each new month.. it just seems to keep getting better!

League, Curio and Baffle! At the Vintage Fair.

League is easily one of my favorite stores in Second Life. When I saw this set though from the Vintage Fair.. I knew it had to be mine. I love, love love the texturing on and and over all quality. This is a very beautiful and oh-so sexy lingerie set, just look for yourself.

My skin is from Curio that I’ve worn in a previous post available at the Vintage fair, but I can say with confidence that I am in love with the pouty crimson lips on this one.

Also this bed from Baffle! is my brand new bedroom bed. “Grandma’s bed” from Baffle! at the Vintage fair comes with a few different sleeping/sitting poses and three very cute couple poses. Also on a side note.. Baffle is an impressive pose shop, I don’t know if you have seen it but it is worth an inworld visit. The poses and props are very reasonably priced and well done. Anyhow that is all for now.. have a happy monday 🙂

Cuteness at the Vintage Fair!

Just something quick and cute I picked up at the vintage fair before I go to a birthday party in RL. Most of these items are new to me.. and it’s nice to see newer things and try them out sometime.

Sorry to be short, but remember:
“A dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up.”
Mae West

Hair: Vanity Hair. Dress: Connors. Skin: by Sileny Noel for Adore and Abhor. Shoes: N-Core. Pose: OooStudios. House: the Odette House by Funky Junk.