Day: October 23, 2011

Maid for you

“Talk—half-talk, phrases that had no need to be finished, abstractions, Chinese bells played on with cotton-tipped sticks, mock orange blossoms painted on porcelain. The muffled, close, half-talk of soft-fleshed women.

The men she had embraced, and the women, all washing against the resonance of my memory. Sound within sound, scene within scene, woman within woman—like acid revealing an invisible script. One woman within another eternally, in a far-reaching procession, shattering my mind into fragments, into quarter tones which no orchestral baton can ever make whole again.

― Anaïs Nin

Have you ever wonder what really happened between maids when you were not around? The above is one of my favorite things ever written by Miss Anais Nin. The outfit? It’s from Icing for Lazy Sunday today for 70L and is still available to go and grab. You can have your own moment of “Dirty French Maid Play”

The pose is from Ooo Studios. The Girl? My fabulous friend Caelan Hancroft. My hair is from Truth and her hair is from Lelutka. The furniture in the background is from Lisp.

Boom boom boom

Boom has some cute new tees and vintage runner shorts out that are adorable and come in so many colors! They remind me of when I was 18 and snuck down to the Florida Keys on vacation for two weeks with my first girlfriend. I have that Go-go’s song in my head..

All I ever wanted
Had to get away

So yeah this hair sorta goes perfect with this. It is new from the powerhouse of hair in SL – Mister Truth Hawks to this day continues to amaze me with his weekly releases. This one is so cute too.. it has two little buns and it looks like happy messy vacation hair.. Oh my pose? It’s from !Bang. I love the poses there. Go check em out, Tiger.