Month: October 2011

Amazing Sales

Just a short and sweet post to remind you that Belleza has all skins for (25-50) Percent off. I’m wearing Chloe above.. and have not taken if off yet. Also we have all hair and items at Elikatira for 70 Percent off. So seriously people there are good deals to be had out there. Get shopping.

I’m also wearing.. Poses by !bang. Top by Zaara. Necklace by MStyle, Pants by Mon Tissu.. Oh and in the bottom photo that is a free still available gift for Coco Group members.

The Haunting of Savage Harbour!

So, I have this friend named Jennifer Python and she pretty much rocks. She’s a DJ over at Greek Gold Lesbian Resort where they have over 15,000 in members. Her boss Hera Emms gave her a sim to decorate and do whatever she wanted to it and my photos do not do it justice at all. I mean.. who rents an entire sim for a kick ass Halloween party? They are going to be partying on till Saturday where there will be a Danse Macabre formal dance.

From previous experience I’ve visited Greek Gold on a friday when my friend Jennifer Python aka JP Dj’s and it is “off the hook” and the place is always packed and there is always some crazy amount of lindens you can win on the board.. once I won like 4k just for wearing best costume but I’ve seen the boards go up more than that.

Anyhow this Friday (in two days) they will be opening this kick ass sim for the party (maybe a bit sooner but that has not been confirmed.. if you want to be informed join the in world Greek Gold Lesbian Resort group for Slurls and stuff like that or just IM

They are also looking for people that want to sponsor the event. By sponsor I mean your store is exposed to all the group members if you donate items or giftcards which would be nice exposure I think because there are around 15k group members and in exchange you would get ad boards and mention through live dj’s. Below is a note explaining it better:

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Halloween is quickly approaching and Greek Gold Lesbian Resort, the fastest growing women’s only sim with over 15,000 VIP members, is having an event unlike no other in true GGLR fashion.

A special sim is currently being constructed entirely for this event. On the weekend of October 28 and 29th, we will have our daily events with live DJ’s and contests as well as the widely known Friday Night theme party and a formal “Danse Macabre” on Saturday evening.

We are currently looking for creators around the grid who would be generous enough to donate items or gift cards in return for prominent advertisment via ad boards with LM givers and our live DJ’s plugging your shops over the span of the two day event.

We hope you will consider joining us, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns – or even would just like to peek at the sim.

Thank you for your consideration!

Jennifer Python
Jessyca Teardrop
Jessenia Marabana

If you want to sponsor the event cool! If you want to attend cool! I just know its going to be an awesome time. I’m trying to figure out my costume now!

Maid for you

“Talk—half-talk, phrases that had no need to be finished, abstractions, Chinese bells played on with cotton-tipped sticks, mock orange blossoms painted on porcelain. The muffled, close, half-talk of soft-fleshed women.

The men she had embraced, and the women, all washing against the resonance of my memory. Sound within sound, scene within scene, woman within woman—like acid revealing an invisible script. One woman within another eternally, in a far-reaching procession, shattering my mind into fragments, into quarter tones which no orchestral baton can ever make whole again.

― Anaïs Nin

Have you ever wonder what really happened between maids when you were not around? The above is one of my favorite things ever written by Miss Anais Nin. The outfit? It’s from Icing for Lazy Sunday today for 70L and is still available to go and grab. You can have your own moment of “Dirty French Maid Play”

The pose is from Ooo Studios. The Girl? My fabulous friend Caelan Hancroft. My hair is from Truth and her hair is from Lelutka. The furniture in the background is from Lisp.

Boom boom boom

Boom has some cute new tees and vintage runner shorts out that are adorable and come in so many colors! They remind me of when I was 18 and snuck down to the Florida Keys on vacation for two weeks with my first girlfriend. I have that Go-go’s song in my head..

All I ever wanted
Had to get away

So yeah this hair sorta goes perfect with this. It is new from the powerhouse of hair in SL – Mister Truth Hawks to this day continues to amaze me with his weekly releases. This one is so cute too.. it has two little buns and it looks like happy messy vacation hair.. Oh my pose? It’s from !Bang. I love the poses there. Go check em out, Tiger.

It’s Aubergine, bitches.

As I sit here and contemplate my second life while my burgers cook in the real world.. I am thinking of the awesome finds this Fifty Linden Friday. First from Gos who always, always makes a quality product.. he offered his new mesh wellies in “Aubergine”.. a blog that will not be named argued that it was not Aubergine it was some other form of purple.. but really what I say is.. is who gives a flying fuck.. hello?

New GOS boots for fifty lindens is pretty fucking awesome to me. Right? Yeah I’d knew you would think so too.

But seriously.. “rumor” aside.. these boots are great and he can call it whatever color he wants to. The rest are for sale too in other colors but those are 300L.. which is pretty great considering the quality of these. The rest of the outfit is Tres Blahs FLF item.. A new hair as of last week from Truth called Kendal and the brand new Fab-u-lous skin from Laqroki that is scattered in freckles and love.. that I already posted about. The poses are Del May.

Love for Laqroki’s Lovisa

I have to say that I am entirely impressed with Laqorki’s newest skin Lovisa. The freckles are gorgeous and I love the lips options.. (five different lipsticks for 990L – an amazing deal) I think it is a very well done skin. It is worth a demo.. go now..

I am also wearing a new release as of last week from Truth called “Nolene..” that comes with streak options AND roots! Love that. On my neck is the newest necklace from MOOD called “Desiderio”. I’m wearing the Peridot gems and the coppper metal. It is a beautifully done necklace!

TGIF, people!

My Seasons Hunt House..

The Seasons Hunt lasts for nine more days. Most of the stuff that I have in this post is from the Seasons Hunt.. but if you look at my necklace.. I want to point that out before I go on.. it is not in the Seaons Hunt but it is new from the wonderful store Kari (who is in the Seaons Hunt) and it is called the Hoot necklace. I love owls.. so this very much called to me.. and you can change the color of the eyes!

The Dress by Addict – I didn’t take off for days because I loved it so much.. is yours free in the Seasons Hunt.. as is the hair from Raw House.. which I need a fat pack of because I love this angled bob. My tights.. are from a store called Le Poppycock.. but actually given to me from a friend. The boots are not free but are the new mesh boots from Mon Tissu.

I grabbed up the items in the hunt from Kari, Art Dummy, Y’s House, Tokidoki, Vespertine Nordari and Lisp and of course the fantastic house from L2 which I cannot believe was for free. I’m sad that this will be the last Seasons Hunt as the gifts were always amazing. Seraphim SL photo’d everything.. and this post is worth checking out.

Rubies of Desire

Imagine this: We are locked up together for the afternoon. It’s raining outside.. the sky is over cast and the crackling of thunder seems to be getting closer and closer. There is no way we are going outside in this downpour. I kind of like you and I notice you looking at me a lot.

You are an artist and you have hands that I’m constantly staring at. I ask you to take my photo.. and you blush and look away.. and I plead with you.. just this once.. and you slyly look to the side and agree to this.. pulling out of your bag a set of jewelry that is so beautiful that I gasp.. and step back for a moment. Rubies contrasted against dark metal.. you smile and whisper “Desiderio”.

Well.. I felt my skin blush but then.. I knew what I had to do. I smile and take the box holding two rings, necklace and earrings and put my hair up.. to showcase the brilliance of the earrings.. and remove everything but my boots.. and I walk out to the sitting room and you are turned fixing your camera.. and I lay against the couch in a dramatic pose.

You turn and gasp not expecting me naked but not complaining either.. and begin to shoot my photo.. I can see this look in your eye that I had not caught before.. something in the way you are looking at me.. makes my poses become more deliberate.. more intense.. I feel caught on fire.. burned beneath your gaze.

You lean in and your hand goes to the back of my head and you tilt my face upward to catch better light.. and the feel of your hands.. sends shivers over my skin. You lean forward almost as if you are about to kiss me and think the better of it and stumble back a bit visibly flustered and I smile..

I start to stand and cover my breasts and you move my hands to the side and put your camera down kissing me finally in a long lingering kiss that makes my face blush deeper than the rubies. The rest of the day is brushed aside.. just the way I planned.

Jewelry set: Desiderio Ensemble – MOOD
Boots: Slink
Hair: Boon
Poses: Ooo Studios.

Pretty in Pink

The more and more I’ve been playing with color – the more and more I love it. I went to Tres Blah the other day and picked up a few things and am just now getting around to blogging them. The cardigan, the shirt, the jeans and the glasses are all from Tres Blah… and they are so sweet, I think I have a toothache 🙂

I’m wearing the new Storm sandals from Gos which I am rather impressed with. I think the menu system has the best prim foot skin matching system out there.. and the easiest too. I was rather pleased that it did not take an hour just to match up my feet. Thank you Gos! My poses in this Post are from /Geez/ made by my very talented friend Grazia Horwitz. Her poses are really great and make you look good without trying. I’m rather impressed with them too. My hair is from Elikatira and my necklace is the flight necklace from Mon Tissu. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Newness from LeeZu!

LeeZu! never fails to amaze me with her new releases. The newest release Sissy is adorable. The tights are some of my favorite now in SL mixing playful floral with sexy fishnet. The Skirt and cardigan are exquisitely made as well and the colors throw a coy nod to Autumn.

Clothes from Leezu! are never a disappointment to me. Every time I go and visit her store I can find something new to fall in love with all over again. The cardigan comes in olive, forest, cream, brown, blue, and black while the linen skirt comes in black, gold, graybrown, and pink. The tights come in black, goblin, green, olive, pink, turquoise, and yellow.

You have ample opportunity to try different color combinations. I tried the ensemble of colors that normally I would not.. but I’m taking a risk here going outside my comfort zone with the golden maize tones and I have to say I love it!

The hair is so far the best mesh hair I’ve seen and it’s made by Lelutka. The Yippie hair while I’m not use to mesh hair was a good experience for me in this shoot as it did not compromise the lines of the jacket or get in the way. I am also wearing the Astrid boots from Slink and poses are from Del May.