SLINK releases more mesh boots! – Meet Astrid.

Sometimes all you need is a good pair of boots, no other clothing.
A nice pair of boots will stand out.

The newest mesh boots from Slink are wonderful and made me rethink my rule on fatpacking. In the fat pack of these very sexy stiletto heeled booties you have endless color combinations and choices. I’m not quite sure how many but I know it is a lot!!

It’s a smart buy because you will wear these with almost anything, from a nice formal dress.. to your bare nessisties. “Fatpack” is definately a color ladies and in this case is quite worth it to your linden balance. Hop on over to SLINK today to check these out, they are beautiful and worth it.. just like you! Also to wear these you must be on a mesh enabled viewer.

I’m not wearing much else.. except for lingerie from the Whore Mansion, and Hair from Lelutka..

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