Month: September 2011

The Theme Park – Reposted

Lucie Bluebird of Embody which sells shapes and poses in Second Life invited me to preview a new venture she was starting in front of her store. It is called the Theme Park and is made of several sign boards with items from different stores from several Second Life Designers.

The Theme Park will run two themed sales events each month, starting on the 1st and the 15th. For each edition, every participating creator will have at least one item that’s priced at L$150 or less AND is at least 50% off the regular price.

The atmosphere is nice and cozy overlooking the sea. There are autumn trees and several benches. Even a hot dog stand and the sounds of as if you were shopping near the shore. I picked up this cute Orange two piece from Elymodes’ booth for free! I also bought a few of the make up items that she had for sale turning me into a sort of Zombie roller girl. I am also using the poses that Embody had put out in my photos.

I had fun in my skates stopping to take a few photos. I even stopped to say hi to Lucie who was very kind and welcoming to a Zombie roller girl like myself. The Theme Park is a cute, small lag free place to shop. But please note that the park is closed for 12 hours on the 14th and last days of each month to prepare for the new edition.

SLINK releases more mesh boots! – Meet Astrid.

Sometimes all you need is a good pair of boots, no other clothing.
A nice pair of boots will stand out.

The newest mesh boots from Slink are wonderful and made me rethink my rule on fatpacking. In the fat pack of these very sexy stiletto heeled booties you have endless color combinations and choices. I’m not quite sure how many but I know it is a lot!!

It’s a smart buy because you will wear these with almost anything, from a nice formal dress.. to your bare nessisties. “Fatpack” is definately a color ladies and in this case is quite worth it to your linden balance. Hop on over to SLINK today to check these out, they are beautiful and worth it.. just like you! Also to wear these you must be on a mesh enabled viewer.

I’m not wearing much else.. except for lingerie from the Whore Mansion, and Hair from Lelutka..

L'amore Vola

The MOOD “L’amore Vola” Brooch, meaning heart with wings is a brand new release coming very soon to MOOD. One of this exquisitely crafted brooches will be available in rose gold at the Fashion Garret as of tomorrow when the collection changes at a deeply discounted price. Below I am wearing the L’amore Vola Brooch in Rose Gold. A full release will be available either tonight or tomorrow and I think they would make a lovely gift for someone you love.

There will also be a VIP group gift going out tonight so you may want to join as soon as possible. MOOD VIP’s get many great group gifts. The group gift is very beautiful and I took an up close photo as shown below.

I am also wearing an older sweater from So Many Styles and Jeans from league. My bare feet are form Maitreya and my hair is Elikatira and my pose is from Del May.

Sunday Morning Tea

Tea is best served in a fancy kettle with boiling hot water and poured into fancy teacups made of fine china. A spoon to stir and sugar and cream on the side. Secrets are best shared in the sunlight on a chaise lounge curled up in each others arms with spun silk draped over her curves. Women share a special language; a sister hood if you will sometimes finding comfort in each others arms, fit together like two identical spoons in a drawer.

The music of her voice in my ear, such beauty and bliss. Fingers dance and flutter beneath and beyond stretches of skin. Lips met like the sweetest touch sharing the candied kiss of tongues. Every light illuminates and every door way opened. Comfort bound in pleasure, everything makes sense. Close your eyes and let go.

Then when all thought is pushed aside she will meet your darkness with her light.

“I have brought her, laughing,
To my quietly dreaming garden.
For what will be done there
I ask no man pardon.”

-Elsa Gidlow

Special Thanks to the stunning Caelan Hancroft for posing with me!!

Lingerie: The Whore Mansion.
Jewelry: MOOD
Hair on me: Elikatira
Hair on Cae: Truth

Poses: Diesel Works
Morning Chaise: 75L today @ What Next for Lazy Sunday
Other Furniture: Leezu
Skybox: Nordari

Sweet Autumn

I went to Zigana’s new store and the design is just beautiful. Zigana at the sim Sea Salts is a Home store that also sells really good but inexpensive grass that is copy and like 100L. One of the best deals out there for grass IMO. They also have some nice freebies and things for your home that wont set you back much money at all as well as some nicely designed houses.

That is where I snapped my pics today wearing this outfit from Fishy Strawberry that is available at Modavia for fashion week. The outfit is relatively inexpensive as it comes with sweater, belt, pants and shirt. The textures on this outfit are gorgeous as well. I am also wearing hair from Elikatira and shoes from Pixel Mode. My pose in the second photo is from Olive Juice.

Beauty is in the details

I debated about this dress from Malt that is at Modavia – back and forth for a few days now. I don’t always have the best of luck with prim skirts and I was a bit intimidated with how the fit might be. I finally bit the bullet today and bought it and to my surprise I really loved it. It also comes with a re sizable skirt.

I’m not always big on accessories but but I love the detailing of the belt that came with the dress and I absolutely adore the ::MOOD:: Parade Pearl Statement Ring in Frost. I am a huge fan of Jori Watler’s Pearls and this ring is available for one more day as a part of Project Themeory’s Weekend of Vintage Film. It is the perfect compliment and a beautiful detail to this outfit. The necklace and earrings that I am wearing are a part of the Parade pearl set from MOOD.

The poses that I am using are from !bang and there is a special on the marketplace right now for the first I believe 20 or so people to score half off on each pack and it is priced at an awesome deal. 100L for ten poses. Here and here. My hair is from Lelutka in Biggest. Happy Sunday!

Miamai.. Chod Collection.

On of the greatest joys for me in SL is putting together an outfit that inspires my creativity. I went to Miamai yesterday after hearing about the new Black Label collection on Plurk through my friends list. The Chod collection is candy for the eyes. There are male and female pieces and they are so skillfully, artistically done I had to look around a bit to find the pieces that I wanted to decorate my canvas with. I took more photos than what I have here, Cajsa suggested a place called the Dire Marsh and I fell in love with it.

I found the collection to be beautiful, unusual and other worldly. The mesh boots above fit perfectly and after years of wearing prim boots I was completely enchanted with posing my avatar in different ways and not once did the boots falter. I’m always looking for some new inspiration in SL and this collection hits the nail on the head for me. It is brilliant and definitely worth checking out.

A few people asked and the skin that I am wearing is a Glam Affair Skin that was at the dressing room a few weeks ago and the Miamai Chod Makeup Layers. You get four full makeup layers for 250 and to me that was completely worth it. The hair that I am wearing is from Boon. Here is your Limo:

To Collabor88

Good morning! So I was thinking about Collabor88 which opened with a brand new collection last friday.. what I could do about putting a little outfit/avatar together. I could! Collaborate has shapes, eyes, skin, clothing, shoes and hair to put together an entirely different look.

I started with a shape from Sauce. It’s the Mango Chutney shape and I used the group gift eyes for Collabor88 in Vivid Violet, also from Sauce. I like the Mango Chutney shape because its feminine and curvy. I think it would be a good change of shape for anyone looking to change their shape and it is a well proportioned curvy shape. The skin that I used is the skin from Illusory – it’s the Paige skin in Honey. This is a very nice skin and you could make it look different by adding some make up layers if you wanted.. but the best part? It’s only 88L’s.

The Hair is the Magic hair from Clawtooth and comes with an adorable ribbon that changes colors at the click of your mouse. I have on the outfit that is from Boom.. I find it to be sporty and playful at the same time and I love the bright pink. I finished the look with these neon blue flats from Ingenue which is also a Collabor88 offering.

I think that these all work well together or separate on your own avatar, as I just made this as an example of the fact that if you wanted you could make an entire avatar for really inexpensive from the Collabor88 offerings. Happy Shopping!

The Collabor88 Slurl is:

In Love with a Strict Machine

Marls hates it when I praise her.. but guess how many fucks I give? None.

The newest piece at Vaughans House of Curiosities is brilliant. It in fact inspired my look today. The Automatic viewing lens which is fixed over my eye can be yours for the mere price of 76L!! I’m not really into the steampunk stuff but I love the way the gears move around in it and it is just too cool! If you are looking at my hair with the cute little beret, she made that as well and both can be found at her store here. You can also browse the marketplace here.

The rest of what I am wearing is the Giereh which is currently 75L at the Tropicalia Bazaar. A lace body suit from The Whore Mansion. (yes, that is the actual name of the store) and these completely wonderful thigh high mesh boots from Slink. The Earring, Well I meant to have both on but I sorta look like a pirate now so I’ll keep it.. its from MOOD – it’s the Witches Wonder earring currently in the Witch Hunt for 10L.

Happy Shopping!

The Witch Hunt and Modavia Fashion Week

Lots of new things today! The hair that I am wearing is called “looking” and its a brand new bob hairstyle from Elikatira. I Love it and I recently got my own hair in RL cut sort of similar to this style!

Also the Witch Hunt starts September 15th which is tomorrow and there are the very cute hunt gift earrings called Witches Wonder from MOOD. For more info on the Witch Hunt please go here.

The Dress in the photo above is from The Secret Store by Maylee and it is hot off the runway at the Modavia Fashion week vendor area. There is a nice new collection from the Secret Store and this dress was my favorite. My props and Pose are from Tableau Viviant and my shoes are from Mon Tissu.