Day: August 29, 2011

Wicked Closet Unleashes Mesh

This is the first outfit from Wicked Closet, a brand new store that opened today. You can find Jeans, short sleeve button down shirt and a tie for butch girls and men at this store which is a nice and refreshing change from the many, many stores devoted to female fashion.

As I’m baby stepping slowly into mesh I like the way this outfit fit. The mesh in this outfit is well made and I really really love the idea that it is for a butch girl and there are versions available for men as well. This outfit moved well and has over all excellent quality.

I am also wearing Doc Martens from Gos with a tattoo base from aitui as well as arm tattoos.

Sylvia Earrings from MOOD

Sooooo it’s late and almost time for bed but I had to post this.. tomorrow a new round starts at the Fashion Garrett and MOOD has made these beautiful Moonstone and Platinum earrings for this next round and they are named “Sylvia” so this means that you must go buy them because they are named after me.. (lol) No, but seriously if you look at them they are gorgeously crafted by the talented Miss Jori Watler of MOOD.

Thank you so very much Jori, they are beautiful and I adore them.