Day: August 25, 2011

Jane releases mesh clothing!

When I first heard about mesh coming to SL I was a bit worried that it would mean that I could not play SL anymore because of my graphics. I was under the wrong impression though. The official viewer did not work for me but the Kirstens viewers newest release did so last night I went to Jane. Oh, also as far as i know Kirstens and the official SL viewer are the only two that support mesh so far.

There are many new items that she has made and they all look really great. You maybe have to mod your shape slightly for some of them but you can try on everything that she has made for free, there are demos for you to use. I wanted to buy one of the dresses and attempt a photo because I really love the work that she has done into so far. I am wearing the small size dress with the alpha that is provided. I did not mod my shape for this. To me it fits really nice.

I am not an expert on the subject by far but I think with a few tweaks we will all be crazy over it soon enough. The things that were new or confusing to me was not being able to move or stretch the dress or even detach it by right clicking it. However if you go into build you can detach it. There is a much better blog post on mesh is here

Also Guys and Butch girls don’t be discouraged.. instead be on the look out for Wicked Closet coming soon!