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I’m re-posting this press release for several reasons but the main one being that I feel that people should be aware of this and the person in question should be strongly urged to do the right thing. It’s sad that it has to come to this though. If you feel the same way please re post this on your own blog or link it on plurk.

The original post can be found here:

MOOD–Jewelry Fair Sponsorship Press Release

For immediate release


May 24th 2011, MOOD Jewelry entered into an agreement with the organizers of Jewelry Fair 2011 to provide sponsorship of the event.  Jewelry Fair is an in-world event featuring accessories creators from across the grid and benefits an undisclosed charity
On July 7, 2011, 6 weeks ago, merchants and Sponsors were presented with copies of the fair build.  MOOD found the booth designs to be poorly made and not conducive to displaying jewelry. When these concerns were brought to the attention of fair organizers, and satisfaction could not be made to remedy the overall look, MOOD withdrew from the fair as both a sponsor and a participant. All logos and linkage by Jewelry Fair organizers were removed immediate, and it was suggested that MOOD owner, Jori Watler leave the inworld group (which was done.)

Fair organizers agreed that if a replacement sponsor was secured, all sponsorship fees paid would be returned to MOOD.

As of this writing, the official website of Jewelry Fair 2011 indicates that a replacement sponsor has been found as there are now eight sponsors listed.

Multiple attempts have been made to contact fair organizers, via in-world message and notecard.  These attempts have not resulted in any response. The sponsorship fee in question is L$30,000, approximately $120.00 USD.

MOOD Jewelry supports all of the merchants participating in Jewelry Fair 2011, however, the actions of fair organizers calls into question their integrity and that of the event.

MOOD Jewelry regularly supports, and will continue to support, charitable events and initiatives in Second Life but cannot, in good faith, condone, support or otherwise participate in this event, the organizers of which have shown lack of integrity and credibility.

MOOD Jewelry is owned by Jori Watler.

Jewelry Fair Coordinator is Cara Ametza.

© 2011, Jori Watler. All rights reserved.

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