Day: August 6, 2011

Hat of Curiosities..

If you are a content creator, craftionista, eccentric fashionista or otherwise this hat found only at Vaughans House of Curiosities would sit lovely on top of your head while you plot your next creation, your enemies demise or what to wear to topple over the models at the next fashionista runway show. They wont ever see this coming!

This hat is fetchingly creative and you will feel exciting just by wearing it. For the very daring pair with these goggles also found at Vaughans House of Curiosities.. why? All the better to be fabulous with darlings! Hehe, I’m feeling a bit hyped up on the coffee this morning.. but the point is seriously go check out the shop already!

Vaughans House of Curiosities!

My bestest friend on the entire grid of SL has opened a brand new shop. Vaughan’s House of Curiosities plans to be one of the most random collection of items on the grid with the slogan “Curiosity never killed any cats. I am really looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with and there are many exciting things in the works for this store.

It’s so old school that she’s put her new shop on her first land that she got back in 2005, gosh do you remember first land?

In her own words: “It’s been about 2 years since I have created any content for Second Life. I am super duper excited about my new shop. I’ve named it “VAUGHAN’S house of curiosities” and I am planning on building the most random collection of items on the grid.”

If you like random, fun and whimsical at amazing low prices.. come give this a look, it is well worth your time.