Month: August 2011

Flighty Owl Companion!

In the name of all that is cute you may want to get over to the Lemondrop Shoppes right away and pick up this adorable Flighty Companion pose with your choice in color of Magical owls in adult and child sizes made by the talented Miss Darla Domenici. The flighty companions are also available at the Kids Company.

The Flighty Companion owls come with texture change options on the cage and also with six different poses. Be wise, get one day 🙂 You can see some of what else the Lemondrop Shoppe has to offer here:

I am also wearing Hair by Elikatira, pearls from MOOD, and clothing from Atomic.

Wicked Closet Unleashes Mesh

This is the first outfit from Wicked Closet, a brand new store that opened today. You can find Jeans, short sleeve button down shirt and a tie for butch girls and men at this store which is a nice and refreshing change from the many, many stores devoted to female fashion.

As I’m baby stepping slowly into mesh I like the way this outfit fit. The mesh in this outfit is well made and I really really love the idea that it is for a butch girl and there are versions available for men as well. This outfit moved well and has over all excellent quality.

I am also wearing Doc Martens from Gos with a tattoo base from aitui as well as arm tattoos.

Sylvia Earrings from MOOD

Sooooo it’s late and almost time for bed but I had to post this.. tomorrow a new round starts at the Fashion Garrett and MOOD has made these beautiful Moonstone and Platinum earrings for this next round and they are named “Sylvia” so this means that you must go buy them because they are named after me.. (lol) No, but seriously if you look at them they are gorgeously crafted by the talented Miss Jori Watler of MOOD.

Thank you so very much Jori, they are beautiful and I adore them.

The Beauty of MOOD

I wanted to do a simple post to highlight the fantastic jewelry that comes to us from Ms. Jori Watler of MOOD jewelry. The above set is called “Fallen Tears” and if you click what I have linked you will the details.

I like this set because I am low maintenance when it comes to accessories. Adding a piece like this to your Second Life wardrobe is making an investment of good taste because even if you are low maintenance when it comes to accessories this always looks timeless and perfectly in style. You can wear it with many different outfits and always look good.

The piece shown above is the Chrysalis Ensemble and I love this piece because it is bold and it has a hud that comes with it and you can change it up a bit for different outfits. This piece makes a statement and catches my eye. When I first saw this set I fell in love.

If you’d like to look at the entire collection of MOOD Jewelry everything is here for you on the marketplace. If you wish to visit MOOD in world the showroom is here.

To complete my look I paired up my MOOD jewelry with a brand new release from Leezu called Nadja. Everything is sold seperately and it is a beautiful outfit. I am also wearing hair from Elikatira, Pink Fuel Skin and the photo in the background is from the Loft.

The Truth is..

This is gorgeous hair. Tasmine is a brand new release from Truth hair. It reminded me of being at the beach and that the summer is coming to an end. There is a still a bit of time to get to the beach though before summer comes to an end.

My top and bikini are from Kyoot. The necklace is from Miel. The skin is Curio. The Pose is Del May.

Jane releases mesh clothing!

When I first heard about mesh coming to SL I was a bit worried that it would mean that I could not play SL anymore because of my graphics. I was under the wrong impression though. The official viewer did not work for me but the Kirstens viewers newest release did so last night I went to Jane. Oh, also as far as i know Kirstens and the official SL viewer are the only two that support mesh so far.

There are many new items that she has made and they all look really great. You maybe have to mod your shape slightly for some of them but you can try on everything that she has made for free, there are demos for you to use. I wanted to buy one of the dresses and attempt a photo because I really love the work that she has done into so far. I am wearing the small size dress with the alpha that is provided. I did not mod my shape for this. To me it fits really nice.

I am not an expert on the subject by far but I think with a few tweaks we will all be crazy over it soon enough. The things that were new or confusing to me was not being able to move or stretch the dress or even detach it by right clicking it. However if you go into build you can detach it. There is a much better blog post on mesh is here

Also Guys and Butch girls don’t be discouraged.. instead be on the look out for Wicked Closet coming soon!

Still time to Collabor88

If you have not been to Collabor88 yet you still have time to pick up some fabulous deals. I am posing above with the Collabor88 offering from Lisp Bazaar which is a steal and comes with many sits and looks very cute.

I am also wearing the hair from Truth.. an entire fat pack of Truth hair for 88L and if that is not a deal then I do not know what is! I am also wearing the offering from The Sea Hole. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.. so if you still have not been yet.. don’t worry you still have time as a new collection starts on the 8th of each month. But hurry up! Get in there and Collabor88!!

Like a Mermaid

Evie’s Closet has another promotion, just yesterday I got a note card about the above outfit being 99L for a limited time and had to run right over and pick it up. I love anything to do with mermaids and could not pass up the chance to dress up like one.

The only thing about this outfit that I should tell you about is that it does not come with any feet alphas. I used some Alphas from a pair of boots I have to take this photo. There is a styling card and it suggests a place to get a nice pose though for this outfit.. but I just wish there was a way to keep your feet together. It’s best to play around with the poses until you get what works for you.

I am also wearing Glam Affair in Layla. This was a Dressing Room Skin about a month or so ago and hair from Lelutka. My pose in this photo is from Del May.