Month: July 2011

There is something devious going on!

If I were you I’d get over to Deviousminds sim right away for a fantabulous hunt that is going on right now where you could win my outfit and pose seen above or have a chance at a bigger prize… if you can find it.

Starting at July 29th, 2011 until August 14th, 2011 at deviousMind sim! you can find hunt items from (*chanimations, !dM deviousMind, Cupcakes & Poetry and Captain’s Quarters. Also noted that somewhere in the Sim there may be a gift card worth 5k if someone has not found it yet.. so I’d hurry on over there if I were you. You can find out much more information at the source blog though right here: as well as finding out more about the suspects!

In this post I am also wearing skin from Baiastice which is new and pretty – go demo!!! My hair is from exile and these thoses are my well worn Pixel Mode in Baby T’s.

FLF is Kyoot

For lack of a better title.. I am raving about this lovely shirt from Kyoot for Fifty Linden Friday today. I love the intricate detailing and the ever so sheerness of the white against my skin. It is a gorgeous shirt and definitely worth the 50L that I spend and more! You can also grab these pants still as part of the Seasons Hunt at Kyoot which I think goes well with the shirt.

Also for today we have this beautiful new hair from Elikatira for 50L. This is the Charmed hair and comes in several colors in the same pack. I love updo’s and this is one of my new favorite hairs. I was super happy to have gotten this today.

I am also wearing Pink Fuel Skin, Mandala earrings and shoes from Pixel Mode. Happy shopping!

Bring on the Summer Seasons Hunt..

Just a quickie for now. The fantastic and amazing shorts that I’m wearing are yours free from the Secret Store if you participate in finding them in the Seasons Hunt Summer Edition These will make your ass look fantastic and they also come with a blue pair.

The Ring and Earrings that I’m wearing are yours for super cheap at the newest installment of the Fashion Garret brought to you by MOOD.

The hair that I am wearing is from Truth called Lacey as it was from his last weeks release. The shirt is from Whippet and Buck. The Sandals are from Maitreya and the pose that I am using is one of the hair poses from Glitterati.


Just as a reminder you only have until the 16th to wrap up all of your hair fair shopping. This particular hair is from kik which is a great deal at only 200L I love how messy it looks and think it works great in photos.

For this post I am wearing the brand spanking new bikini from the Seahole which comes with fabulous accessories such as these sunglasses and handbag and there is even some make up and stuff too! I like the sunglasses because they have zombies in the eye part! The poses in this post are from Adorkable, and in my opinion are ADORABLE!

Definitely, a hot bikini and sold to you in a fun filled array of colors and flavors!

Photos by Snowy Melody

Recently one of the nicest girls on the grid did my current profile photo and she is now taking clients for very reasonable prices. She puts tons of work into her photos and really does a great job.

The photo above of me is an example of the work that she does. You can contact Snowy Melody in world to make an appointment as she just opened her photo studio and is now accepting clients and what not. You can find out more about that here.

More examples of her work can also be found on her flickr.

Inspire Challenge – Or where I get really mushy.

When I think about doing the Inspire blogger challenge from posted by Harlow Heslop last week I realize that I can’t just single out one person. Many of you inspire me in different ways whether you know it or not. I’m going to do ten. If you are not here it doesnt mean that I don’t love you but instead of doing just one person I want to kick it up a notch and share the love.

You inspire me in many ways every day whether you know it or not. You will probably hate that I wrote about you but you know that I love you. You are a huge chunk of my SL. When you asked me to blog with you on Coffeesmoke almost two years ago.. I thought “Yeah, right, Me? A blogger? No way.” But really it was just what I needed in SL. In a lot of ways blogging on Coffeesmoke was probably one of the best things that happened to me in SL because that is how I got close to you Marls. In the beginning I asked you for so many tips and advice and you were always so patient with me showing me things and you have always inspired me with just the way that you are. You are so strong and such a beautiful person. You’ve taught me so much and never doubt that your friendship is a gift to me.

The SLuicide Girls.
You all inspire me. When I first saw the blog hit the feed I knew that was something that I wanted to be a part of. I feel part of a family with you girls, less alone. You are all so different and unique and smart and wise and just so wonderful. Yes, I’m talking about all of you. You all have a special place in my heart. I love you all more than I can say and I am so glad to have been welcomed to the blog.

I love the way that you take your photos. You have become one of my best friends here and our talks inspire me and your photos inspire me to want to become a better blogger.

Your blog is amazing, your style is jaw dropping. Your photos are alive, real and exciting. Your writing is top notch and you are so smart and funny too! You inspire me to want to be a better bloger. You are awesome.

You are a beautiful person. I don’t know you as well as I’d like to but I admire you for so many different reasons. The way that you put together your posts are so crisp and professional. You are a class act, for sure.

I’ve been dazzled by your style for quite some time. I wont get all gushy and fan girl about it but I think that you have some of the best photos and styling on the grid.

You inspire me because you are so kind. Your blog seems so fresh and brimming with energy and life. You have this power behind you that is inspiring and motivational. You make people want to take notice and do something!

I love the way that you put together your photos and I love your honesty. I like how you don’t take shit from anyone and give your opinion no matter what. I admire you and I love looking at your blog.

Casja and Gidge
Your friendship inspires me. Having you both on plurk has been wonderful. You both are so different but seem so well matched on your blog. Your posts sometimes touch me and I think that your friendship is beautiful. You are both so talented and lovely.

New on my radar is Chance. He has a blog that I just love. His styling is so nice and unique and he seems to be one of the most friendly people that I’ve met in SL for a long time and he has a lovely lady named Gabby in his life and his romantic spirit inspires me.

In closing,
I’m glad to be a part of this community of bloggers. I’m proud to call some of you friends and happy to admire the rest of you.

Like a Princess

Monday morning became a bit more enchanted. I logged on to Second Life this morning to two wonderful groups gifts in the same group from two different but from wonderful designers! The dress that I am wearing is a group gift from Glitterati. Normally we are use to the poses from Glitterati but I was pleasantly surprised with this princess gown.

It is the perfect flowy gown that you can spin and twirl around in. Also from the group I found this set of accompanying jewelry from one of my favorite jewelry makers on the grid. A gift from MOOD including hair piece, ring, earrings in necklace all in a very lovely blush color.

If you are not already in the Glitterati group I would suggest joining it right away because. The group gifts are always amazing and you really do feel like a VIP.

I am also wearing this great up-do from Baiastice at Hair Fair. Baiastice has made an entire line of new hair and attachments debuting at hair fair and I am always super impressed with what Sissy comes up with. Her hair creations are pretty amazing.

The skin is new from Glam Affair called Amelie and it is a limited edition group gift skin. They were kind enough to sell fifty copies of this skin for 50L each to celebrate the release of Amelie. Amelie is a beautiful skin and I am glad to have been there yesterday fighting the lag and what not to get this skin because it is well worth it.

The poses in this post are from Glitterati. I wish you all a happy Monday.

shag + sweetest goodbye

One of my favorite places to take photos in second life is Port Innsmouth. I wanted to do a quick post to remind you about the sale at Sweetest Goodbye, unfortunately they are leaving SL but now they are having a sale and everything is 50 percent off and it is all high quality stuff.

The hair is from Shag, which is new at hair fair called “Bombshell” and I love this style it is one of my favorites at hair fair. I had meant to pick it up but magically I received it today for being a part of the Shag hair contest that had just ended before hair fair. I love this style. My skin is from Pink Fuel called Elly in the honey tone worn with Cherry lips. Seriously one of the best skin deals around right now because you get two eye makeups, a pack of lip glosses, brow options and a beautiful skin for only 900L. My pose today is from Glitterati.

Bubblegum Weekend!

Welcome to a wonderful weekend of exciting new releases. First we have this lovely style from Wasabi Pills at hairfair called “Mochi”. If you can get through the lag, good for you! I do not know why they do not have slurl teleporting as it would be so much easier to just be able to get the slurl of the place that you want to go to instead of having to wait for a map to rez and wade through the lag. Maybe as the days go on though it will be easier to move around there.

The baby-doll dress and bunny ears from Honey Kitty can be found at the Twinkle Night Bizarre Which is a totally cute and totally cheap little festival!! The pea pod pal in my mouth made by Illusory is from the community thrift and trade fair which has many cheap and adorable gachas and even some gently used items for sale from your fellow second lifers.

Last but not least, as said in my previous post.. the Truth District has opened this weekend and Curio has this very generous gift skin out right now until July 5th so you still have plenty of time. Make sure you join the Truth District group and world and also visit before the 5th as many stores have wonderful gifts.

I leave you with this video to get you through the painful lag of hairfair: