Baiastice debuts Maxine at the Shoe Fair

Hai! So one of the nicest finds to me at the Shoe fair came in the form of Baiastice. They have released some lovely shoes called Maxine and they are very much worth getting your butt over to the Shoe Fair to look at them in person. These shoes are first in the line of Spring/Summer shoes to be released by Baiastice this season.

All shoes come in two different sizes, normal and smaller avatars, and they are resizable and there are 20 different basic skin textures that are easy to match up with your current shade as well as more nail polish options that I’ve ever seen included with every shoe. I think that they are sexy and very affordable. These are one of my top picks for shoe fair.

I am also wearing a cute new release from *BOOM* in A Day on the Yacht in navy. Which is adorable and I took these photos at AM Radio’s Ferry sim.

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