Day: May 13, 2011

Dutchie at The SL Home Garden & Patio Expo!

One of the most Zen-like places that I’ve found so far at the expo is a set up by Froukje Hoorenbeek for her store Dutchie. You can find her set up on Home Expo 3.

There is a large and welcoming white house, complete with a forest of pine trees, a sweet canopy bed and wardrobe with a discarded gown in the grass complemented by flowers in bloom, a pristine blanket perfect for a picnic or for getting closer and a secret well with more animations than you could even think of.

When I was snapping some photos for my post I was able to speak with Froukje a bit. She is by far one of the sweetest and most down to earth content creators that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in SL. I’m not just saying that either. There is something about her that just stands out and I was happy to have spoken to her, and her creations and the creativity that goes into what she does in SL is absolutely amazing. My photos are not doing it justice. You really have to just go see for yourself 🙂

Kittycats at SL Home Garden and Patio Expo!

One of the most amazing things in Second Life is the creativity that goes into each item made and if you visit Home Expo Sim 5 today you will see gigantic kittycats larger than life. Kittycats has generously agreed to sponsor a sim for the expo and it’s full of huge adorable cats (and some of them are even functional)! Also this is just a rumor but in kittycats chats there was an indication that they could be auctioning off some of the huge cats to benefit RFL!

Also if that isn’t exciting enough.. check this out – “The new KittyCat will make its debut at the Home Expo on May 14th. Callie Cline and Equinox Pinion will be presenting the new kitty on the Expo’s Main Stage at 12:30 pm, followed by the launch of a live music concert with Mankind Tracer. This marks the first time that RFL of SL has joined in a partnership of this type and they look forward to the KittyCatS’ presence at Relay Team Events, at the Expo and at Relay weekend, right alongside the Linden Bears.” So yes that means a new kittycat will be joining us soon! I’m excited to find out what it is!

SL Home, Garden and Patio Expo!

I am happy to have a sneak peak at the SL Home, Garden and Patio Expo. There are ten sims chock full of stuff! If you are looking for a list of who is participating go here for a list of who is who and what Home Expo Sim Number they are on.

From the website this is what its about:
“Welcome to the 2011 Home, Garden and Patio Expo!! 2011′s Expo, will open on Friday, May 13th at NOON, and remain open 24 hours each day until it closes on May 22nd at 10pm SLTAs always we have the best of the best in SL home designs!! From Landscaping to Furniture to Homes and everything in between, we have anything you would ever need to set up your dream home in SL!!” Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Another point of interest is that they are raising funds for RFL.. and there are many good items worth purchasing and you can feel good knowing that your lindens are going towards something meaningful. For a full list of the RFL Vendors go here.

Something else that you can look forward to is music, and lots of it! They seem to have DJ’s to well known Second Life Musicians on the main stage. Want a schedule of that? Go here.

What I plan on doing is featuring my favorites in blog posts. I’ve been going around trying to snap good photos. It’s a bit tricky though because there are many sculpty type things. It’s best to go in low graphics and minimal prims.