Day: April 15, 2011

Dutchie Bed

I am writing this from the luxury of my very own real life bed but if I could have any bed in the world.. this bed that Dutchie recently released would be one of my dream beds.

You see this to me is a princess bed with the canopy and the luxurious sheets.. and what girl or guy for that matter does not want to feel spoiled like royalty?

This bed has all the great intimate animations as every other fabulous Dutchie bed… you can really get detailed into your most sensual roleplay.. with some of the most beautiful couple and solo animations on the grid.. but don’t take my word for it why not go see it for yourself?

I’ve added a small gallery of some of the solo animations but.. the menu is one of the most thoughtful menus for a sex bed.. that even the most clueless person could figure out..

Teleport now.. 🙂