Curio Skin @ Project FUR

Curio Skin in Pout is at Project FUR, yes that is correct you can get an entire fat pack in all tones of the pout skin for 1500L and all of the proceeds go to charity. Each individual make up is only 500L and the one that I am wearing is a special edition skin skin just for Project FUR of pout and it comes in all tones and with optional paw print tattoos for only 500L Can you find a better deal than that?

Also just a note about my pose… thank you for making this Glitterati… I’ve been wanting a pose like this for so long.. and you can get it at the pose fair that is going on now! If you click on the photo.. check out these shoes they are new from Purrfect Ten and they are so easy to adjust your skin tone to.


  1. Ohh I been drooling over that poseset and will rush back to grab it when I get some lindens! LOL I got so many things at the fair I had to make choices! lol I wanted everything! ❤ Posefair is like heaven for me! this skin is amazing! And 500 linden is like the best deal ever! I love it! You look HOT! ❤

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