Day: April 1, 2011

Project FUR Japan

“Project FUR Japan is a group created to raise funds to aid animal rescue groups who are helping the thousands of animals lost and/or injured during the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.”

I have been through many different emotions today. Overwhelmed, in awe, enchanted, amused, amazed… and even humbled with the amount of support and love that is in this community that we call Second Life. You may not always see it but if you stop for just a moment.. it is there. I mean one of the things that really touched me is that Lelutka donated an entire SIM for a month!

Project FUR starts tomorrow at 9 SLT and this is somewhere that you want to be. 100 percent of all the proceeds generated at this event will go to help Animals in Japan.

Everything I have on besides my boots came from Project FUR. The truth hair where you get all colors for a mere 350l. Four Laqroki skins called Maria for only 1k, Special edition Tyra jeans from, my shirt in the photo is from Cynful. My necklace is from Lou Lou.. all of it here with 100 percent going to help an animal in need.

There is something for everyone, please come give and by doing so you are helping. The Kittycats will get a special post 🙂

New @ Dressing Room Blue

A few things caught my attention at Dressing Room Blue today just as they opened for a new two week round. This dress from the ever amazing Baistice which you could totally dress up or down.. and this cute hair with the flowers in it from Exile.

Don’t know why but I liked it with some pink doc martens from Gos, torn up fishnets from blowpop and the same Linnea skin that I’ve been wearing this week. But this week at Dressing Room Blue there are many great finds, no fooling.