Month: April 2011

Baiastice warms up Culture Shock

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice is perhaps one of the sweetest creators in Second Life.

I always see her items at these events for charities and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to her a few times and you can just tell that she is a good person with a great heart. She is one of the designers that I personally look up to in Second Life with her wide, wide range of creative and stunning products. She is a class act all the way. She just seems to always come out with something new and innovative and her designs are breathtakingly gorgeous that evolve as we evolve in Second Life. I have a deep respect and admiration for her.

But fangirling aside this dress speaks for itself. It comes with several options and sizes and one of the skirt options comes with an AO and the pose that I used in this photo is from the AO in the skirt.

This particular color if you purchase it also donates half of the proceeds to Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors without Borders which is such a worthwhile cause and I’m happy to see that the donation items are going to such a cause. As a shopper its nice to see products that if I purchase them part of it goes to a worthwhile charity. Culture Shock runs from May 1st – May 22nd so do plan on checking it out for this dress and many other lovely creations.

The Living Picture

Tableau vivant (plural: tableaux vivants) is French for “living picture.” The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist’s models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit. Throughout the duration of the display, the people shown do not speak or move.” As told by the Wiki. Here in Second life Tableau Vivant is a new brand started by Aida Ewing and M4ri1yn Magic of Glam Affair

But soon you can get a sneak peek of Tableau Vivant at the opening of Culture Shock 2011 and you can even by some of the pieces to help you create your own living picture. Also while you are there make sure you join the group Kiosk as there is a group gift for joining and well I got a look at it and I’m quite excited to use that in a photo as well.

My skin is from Glam affair it is the new Monica, and my jewelry is from Rozoregalia.

Culture Shock Preview!

So I walked around Culture Shock yesterday and a few things really caught my eye. I love the skins from Pink Fuel which I am wearing the Candied one and come on its only 500L and half of it goes to charity. It’s an AWESOME skin. I also have on a dress from one of my favorite stores that is at Culture shock.. it is the Secret Store and I think that everything thing Maylee Oh makes is wonderful. This dress is adorable and even comes with a butt alpha layer.

I’m wearing these pretty nails from je suis which you pick the base color and then… it’s cool because you can pick what color hearts go on your nails! They are really nice.

The shoes are from [ m ] and they are woo-den heels and to be honest I had to play with these for a long time to get them to fit and if you are going to wear these you must make sure that your rendervolumelod factor is bumped up in the advanced menu debug settings otherwise they will not look as nice. make sure you demo these shoes before you buy them.

Culture Shock looks to be a very exciting event and I will have more great finds to show you!

Glam Affair Intima

Glam Affair has released new lingerie and I am in love. I took some photos because I was inspired by this new set of lingerie and also by the newer pearl pose pack version three from Glitterati and this stunning new hair by Lelutka and this lovely skin that gives the sexiest of red lips called Monica from Glam Affair as well.

Golden Amber

So it’s been one heck of a week for me. My trusted laptop died and I’ve had to downgrade to a different computer until hopefully I can get mine fixed. I might be missing a bit here and there.

Anyhow.. I got this skin from Dutch Touch which I think is lovely for the low low price of free. Yep, for group members you can get this skin for free. There is a fee to join the group but it well more than makes up for it when you get these pretty skins which is fairly often. I love love love the lips.

This beautiful multi strand pearl necklace set from MOOD also comes with a cocktail ring and is a complete steal for 75L for this weekends project Themeory, so do go and grab that up today while you can!

Hucci also had sent out a group gift which I am wearing. A golden top and bottom is very nice and goes along great with sort of a seventies vibe with this brand new hair from Lelutka. Lelutka also released four other hairs that are absolutely gorgeous. I am also wearing boots from Gos, which I have all the colors of because I wear them so very often.

Anyhow I hope that you have a great weekend and if you celebrate it.. happy Easter!

The Seasons Hunt

So, Marls and I were doing bits and pieces of the Seasons Hunt yesterday and put this little house together which is one of the fabulous thing that you can get from the hunt. The only thing I bought for these photos was the Nodari Kitchen which goes so well in the house and it was a steal at 200L and I scored the blue rug for free from Molto Bene.

The items featured in this post are the hunt items from L2 where the skybox is from, The Loft, Little Boxes, Nodari, Northwest, Cheeky Pea, Art Dummy, Kari, and I think that I forgot one but this hunt is soo worth doing. This could be a good starter home for someone and you could really add your own touches in here to make it look really great. There is also other furniture in the hunt.. Katya Jhamin did a wonderful post for everything that you can get in the hunt and the slurls. So look at her post too!

Ingenues are in the MOOD.

Ahh, I adore jewelry from MOOD. Especially this set called d’Jango. The pieces are very detailed and very easy to adjust. As well as looking good it is also quality for a lower price. The necklace is 195l and the bangles are 150l per set but the real value comes if you buy the fatpacks. You can also get the in just solid gold and in silver.. I’m wearing the mixed set.

I was on the Seasons Hunt yesterday and picked up this cute shoes from un’jour to go with this cute outfit that I picked up yesterday from Ingenue. I almost forgot how much I love Ingenue when I was there yesterday getting their offerings for the Seasons Hunt.

This hair is from Elikatira and the poses are from Olivejuice. Happy Tuesday!

Oh, Valerie..

For some reason I have this song in my head this morning:

Anyhow, how is your sunday? I just wanted to take a few quick snaps on my dying computer because I love these things that have come out over the weekend. You can get the outfit at League, and for some reason the black flats that come with the pants were not working with my AV.. so I put on these black cottage flats by Mon Tissu.

Oh, the hair you say? That is from Magika whose new releases are impressing me greatly. I love this hair.