Fishy Strawberry

So yesterday the buzz was about the new releases for spring at Fishy Strawberry.. and I had to go check them out and was very pleasantly surprised to find this scarf, and new skirt. The shirt in this post I believe is from an older release but the colors for everything are very lovely.. and spring like!

The hair is a vip group gift from Elikatira which is very lovely and generous and from her newest release.. there was a sampler pack of colors included so it fits just about everytaste and she does short hair so beautifully. There is a fee to join but I think it is totally worth it for possible future gifts.

My earings are from Mandala, Skin is new from Laqroki called Linnea and the shoes are from Mon Tissu. the pose in both posts is from Glitterati.. which to mention.. I’m excited about the pose fair that is coming up around the corner.

Now, have a lovely day 🙂


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