Month: March 2011

Luck Inc.

For the last few days I’ve been wearing jeans from Luck Inc – I figured I’d show you because I really really love them. They come in three different styles for a reasonable price and this particular pair can also be worn with faun legs which is something that I’m very excited about for future wear. The jeans are very well done and I was quite impressed with them. The shirt in this post is also from L.Inc.

Pididdle – Satin Lingerie

Pididdle has released a new set of gorgeous satin lingerie that comes in just about every color you could ever wish for but I’ve only shown the baby blue and the silver, but go take a look because they are all gorgeous. Also the lingerie has an option to show a little “peep” in the back as show on the silver pair. I think it is very cute 🙂

I’m also wearing boots from GOS, the new Linnea skin from LAQ, and hair from Truth.

Fishy Strawberry

So yesterday the buzz was about the new releases for spring at Fishy Strawberry.. and I had to go check them out and was very pleasantly surprised to find this scarf, and new skirt. The shirt in this post I believe is from an older release but the colors for everything are very lovely.. and spring like!

The hair is a vip group gift from Elikatira which is very lovely and generous and from her newest release.. there was a sampler pack of colors included so it fits just about everytaste and she does short hair so beautifully. There is a fee to join but I think it is totally worth it for possible future gifts.

My earings are from Mandala, Skin is new from Laqroki called Linnea and the shoes are from Mon Tissu. the pose in both posts is from Glitterati.. which to mention.. I’m excited about the pose fair that is coming up around the corner.

Now, have a lovely day 🙂

Linnea – from Laqroki

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with a skin from Laqroki.. and the skin of the moment as shown above is Laqroki’s newest… Linnea.

I am also wearing the newest hair from Truth called Sarita. My shrug is from Zaara, panties from Jane and nails are from Mandala. Happy Shopping.


Fifty Linden Friday is fantastic this week and I’ll tell you why.. here we have this skin that is a preview of things to come from L.Fauna and it is gorgeous and for only 50L you can pick it up today and see for yourself.

I am also using a FLF Pose from Olive Juice.. omg butterflies everywhere.. is easily my most favorite pose prop as of late. Then I have on the 50L Shirt from Kyoot and the 50L skirt from Leauge.. so many lovely things to be had today.

I am at the new sim for Kittycat breeders and sellers brought to us by Miss Aurora Deischer of Absolution and the Jersey Shore Sim. You can contact either her or Teresa Republic or go see the Catnip or GTFO sim for yourself because the rent there is super cheap and you get ample prims for either your breeding or selling needs and the sim is just adorable. You should act quickly though because once this catches on there is not going to be any room left.. I am leaving my current rental space for this place because it is cheaper and just so damn cute!

It's Magic

“A woman who writes feels too much,
those trances and portents!
As if cycles and children and islands
weren’t enough; as if mourners and gossips
and vegetables were never enough.
She thinks she can warn the stars.
A writer is essentially a spy.
Dear love, I am that girl.”

Anne Sexton
The Black Art

Everything worn is from Lelutka.
Gem Skin – Ave Dress from the Ultra Collection – Biel Hair in Pitch.

Pose is from Glitterati.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser is an event dedicated to raise awareness and donations to help benefit Japan and the recent tragedies. I was amazed at the amount of items from generous designers to aide in helping out Japan and even more amazed that Glam Affair donated all of this space to house the items, my applause to everyone that brings events like this to second life.

I am wearing items from the event in the pictures in this post and sitting on this cute chair and bookshelf from buttons that is also at the event. I’m wearing the much sought after Pink Fuel skin from the event as well. Its sort of wonderful the amount of designers that have come together I was very touched to see the outpouring of donations, it gives me hope. It also makes me happy that from buying this stuff I am contributing.

Oh this is my newly adopted son in the photo with me.
Say hi to Solar Lyric.

This nice swing set is from tiny spaces also at the event as well as my horns from Statique. The hair is from Magika and only 50L at the event and 100 percent goes to the cause.. and the shirt that I am wearing that says “This girl has love and hope for Japan..” and you know what.. I do.


I just want to say that it means so much to me to see this kind of help being given to the American Cancer Society. People say that Second Life is just a game but when I see stuff like this I beg to differ. It’s so much more than a game. We do good things as a community and guess what even the smallest contribution helps people. GO HERE to check out the totals.

Thank you to all of you that have made stuff and donated it. Thank you to all of you that have bought stuff. Thank you to the organizers of this event, thank you to all the volunteers. Thank you to everyone a part of this because you all make a difference in reaching this goal. It’s amazing to me. In just a few short days you can notably see how this has helped and will continue to help through the duration of this event.

For all things about Fashion for life you can look here for a comprehensive guide to the fair:

Dutchie does the Linden Home for a romantic hide-away.

To see the photos larger click through the gallery!

I don’t have a linden home so I used one of my Dutchie homes for the purpose of setting this up. The idea though is to furnish your linden home and still have two prims left over for some sexy pose ball time. The set is semi linked and you can place it all in minutes. Its a very easy way to decorate if you are in a hurry to “enjoy” the furniture.

To Quote the Dutchie Blog:
“The furniture has 48 single and 183 couple animations, all carefully selected for their beauty, realism, fun and diversity.

The bed, chaise lounge and shower have adult menu’s with 22 single and 169 couple animations in total. The menu’s differ slightly in style, the shower is directed towards quickies, the chaise lounge has some master or mistress and servant roleplay, the bed is perfect for long sessions of making love. Clicking trough the menu’s is a breeze, with as little camera position adjustments needed as possible.”

To give you an idea of how awesomely low prim this set is.. is that you can see the living room in the above photos well all the furniture in the living room was I counted 37 prims. That is the prim size of a nice couch… just a couch! So those of you with no prims to spare this is an especially good thing for you because.. the best part is is that the couch, the chaise, the shower and the bed all have the highest of quality and the loviliest of animations from being intimate to just maybe wanting to snap a few nice photos.

If you are interested in seeing this set you can take this teleport to see how it would look in an actual linden home. The furniture is sold seperately or in a pack and if you get the whole pack you get 20 percent off which is a very good deal.