Day: January 19, 2011

Vanitas Vestures

Vanitas Vestures by SarahTheRed Aurbierre is a shop that is new to me but I find the clothing to be quite lovely, feminine and creatively named.

The clothing that you can find there is versatile and very fairly priced and I love the little details and the many options in the heremtic waistbands paired with the alchemist’s high waisted skirt which I am wearing above and here below:

The main store can be found by teleporting here

    Other things of note:

I am also wearing the new hair from lamb, and in the back ground you can see that my skybox is from Nodari. The poses were free from Glitterati if you are in the (very much well worth it) VIP Group because she is always sending out free stuff it seems. My shirt is from Leezu, it’s the necklace one. Skin is from Illusory and be sure to hit up Silhouettes Shapes closing sale.. everything is 75 percent off and is one of my favorite shape stores on the grid.