Addict has fabulous new releases!

Sometimes a designer makes a grand new release and my jaw just drops in amazement. This is no exception. The new release from Kianna Noel of Addict this week has a little bit of sass matched with class mixed with a fresh new style of sophistication.

In this new release you can expect to find a brand new sweater named zo-han, aradia jumper, nora shorts, a very sexy dress called ziomara and two brand new scarves – one is called minnu and one is called thora! I am wearing the new releases in these photos mixed with a few items that I already own.

I am also wearing the brand new hair from Loq that is also impressing the hell out of me lately and the brand new released Lotus Pumps from Baiastice and I have on a newer bracelette from alamood called the sorella cuff. I really love it. The pants that I am wearing in the one picture with the Aradia jumper are from Armindi and about a year or more old, but I still really like them.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Go shopping!

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