Fashionable Bald (A challenge within a challenge)

One of my SL Resolutions is to do more of the color weeks from Luna Jubilee’s Color Challenge.. 52 weeks of color – This week is silver. I’m sure that you’ve all heard of it by now. It is a great challenge and Luna Jubilee really seems like a sweetie.

One thing that you might notice for this post is that my avatar is bald.

She is bald for a reason this week because one of the sweetest and most stylish women that I know may be soon sporting a bald look from getting Chemo this year.

Miss Shellbee requested for me to do a post showing a fashionable bald. She also wants you out there to know out in blog world that early detection is key and to make sure that you get those checkups.

I would love it if anyone who should happen to read this blogger or not do at least one post or look with a fashionable bald avatar for Miss Shellbee. I would be grateful if you posted the link here so that she could see them all if you should happen to join me in this. I love you Miss Shellbee. ❀

My outfit is sorta mix and match.. I've got a Silver Maitreya skirt on, a corset from the wonderful Secret Store by Maylee Oh. Maitreya shoes and lots of pretty bangles from Mandala. My skin is the new one from Illusory and the bald base is the Ava Bald base from Lelutka.


  1. I knew Luna the way back when I owned Polly Jean. She’s wonderful and has amazing styles. She did our Swap Meets πŸ™‚

    As for our Miss Shellbee, we loves her completely! ❀ Maybe we should do a regularly scheduled post on cancer awareness and early detection? hmmmm *plots!*

  2. Wow what a sweet gesture to make this post in honor of your friend! I’d love to join you and make a bald post this week! (Please let me find time) I wish her all the love and support she will need!

  3. Even though I had suggested it, I wasn’t prepared for how I would feel actually seeing you do the post, Sylvia. Immediately the tears started. I try to pretend I’m all stoic but really just plain scared. The added challenge is amazing and it’s ideas like that and Marls’ added idea that can start an amazing movement. It will be nice to see how far it goes. I can’t thank you enough my leetle love muffins.

    For my two cents to those who don’t know me, I have stage 2, non-small cell lung cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). It was the size of a tennis ball and was removed along with the entire lower lobe of my left lung. I had no idea I was ill. I’m a total healthy eater (except for the occasional french fry binge),exercised 3-4x a week, and yes, I smoked on occasion but this cancer is not attributed to that as I don’t fit the criteria and the surgeon along with pathology determined it was not due to smoking. I went in for a checkup for a cough that didn’t want to go away and because I coughed up blood. I thought it was allergies and an irritated throat. While I have to have radiation and chemo, I am considered in an early stage and very very lucky and have a good prognosis. This is my second time of having caught cancer at an early stage. I can’t express enough to GET CHECKUPS, and get checked if you think something is wrong even if it is minor. You just never know. So even if you are a non-smoker, you are not immune to this. I don’t want to create undo worry, just awareness. I am extremely impressed and grateful to you kaelynalecto and w0rldof0ne for jumping in and wanting to take part. How very sweet and thank you for your kind words. Thankfully, I have amazing support and love as you can tell just from this page. xoxoxox
    miss shellbee

  4. hiyas! *waves with both hands*

    I love the post. Doing those checkups and actually following up to get tests done is oh so key.

    All the hugs and good thoughts for everyone ❀

  5. I’m just awestruck. I have no words capable of expressing my feelings. I feel all’s that? You guys are putting air under my feet cause I’m just floating around on your support and kind words. I love that this has been an enjoyable and meaningful challenge for all of you. Press on my new found friends!!

    Stay tuned for more details on my journey that Marls will be providing. She’s visiting me right now and is stocking up on lots of 1st person experiences and photos to share with everyone. ❀

    1. I tried to comment on your blog but had trouble posting it. Thank you so much for your story, for participating, and for your encouragement. ❀

      1. Sorry for the difficulty that my blog comments gave you… perhaps that is why I never get any comments? lol

        And you are more than welcome. Like I said earlier, it was an honor to participate in this. πŸ™‚

        Wishing you love and all the best

    1. Miss Shellbee thanks Pure Eggs and Spam for the best wishes and oodles of strength! I send back oodles of hugs to you!

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